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Battle Unicorn is a Maximal in the Beast Machines portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Battleunicorn face

Box art?! I don't need no stinkin' box art!

Certain Vehicon Generals doubt the existence of a mysterious technorganic unicorn which doesn't show up on radar, moves without sound, appears and disappears like magic, and leaves only scrambled indecipherable sensor logs in his wake. Those that have fought Battle Unicorn, however, quickly learn that his fanciful alternate mode and prosaic designation disguise a powerful warrior, as intelligent and stealthy as he is skilled with his battle axe should a combatant actually manage to engage him. His stealth armor, sound dampers, sensor scrambling hoof-stomps, and unique teleportation abilities combine to make this a rare occurrence, and make Battle Unicorn an excellent scout.


3H Universe Comics

Battle Unicorn is a member of the Maximal High Council in the time after Megatron's defeat and Cybertron's technorganic reformatting.

Battle Unicorn also has no need for talk!
(or has great need for a better agent)


Beast Machines

  • Battle Unicorn (Basic, 2001)
Battleunicorn toy

WILL poke your eye out.

Battle Unicorn transforms into a technorganic unicorn. A dial on his beast mode's left shoulder activates an "attack" gimmick, moving his head up and down.
Released at the very end of the Beast Machines line, Battle Unicorn had a very short "shelf life", leading to many fans never seeing him on the shelf at all. However, Hasbro worked out a deal with online toy store Big Bad Toy Store, selling them solid cases of the figure. (Which are still kind of lingering in BBTS' warehouse to this day.)
This mold was later redecoed to make Magna Stampede.


  • In the original script to the unreleased Wreckers issue #4, "Battle Unicorn" was not an individual but the name of a legion of warriors with the same body form. They were considered the best of the best of the post-Beast Machines Cybertronian army: polished, epic, and intimidating. They let the less organized and impressive rabble ride into battle on their backs. This is curious, as a Battle Unicorn later appears on the Maximal High Council in Universe, as seen above. Maybe one wanted to go into politics...
  • Battle Unicorn never appeared in the cartoon.

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