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Battle Ravage is as his name suggests: a cold, heartless killing machine who will rip apart his enemies in battle with claw and tooth.

Sometimes there are lots of him.

Japanese name: Command Jaguar


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Energon animated continuity

One of the most common forms of Terrorcon, the Battle Ravages swarmed their enemies relentlessly. For the most part they simply gathered raw energon and fought anyone who tried to stop them.

Dreamwave Armada/Energon comic continuity

Battle Ravage, in comics, is not just a drone-type form. There is an individual Battle Ravage who leads the Battle Ravage drones, a la Vehicons.



  • Battle Ravage (Basic, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: SD-06
    • Accessories: Spring-loaded missile launcher, fusion cannon, 1 missile, 1 Energon star
Energon BattleRavage toy

A nasty creation of Alpha Q, a mix of Ravage and Megatron!

Battle Ravage transforms into a robotic predatory cat. He comes with a pair of clear-plastic "energon" cannons, one that fires a spring-loaded missile, the other a non-firing accessory that greatly resembles the fusion cannon used by Generation One Megatron. These two pieces can be combined to form an "ultimate energon weapon". He also comes with a clear-plastic "energon chip" which can be attached to pretty much every new-mold Energon toy. His beast-mode tail can also detach to become a hand-held flail weapon.
The Takara version has a few notable differences from the Hasbro version. The most obvious one is that the Takara version uses a darker-richer green for its energon parts, where the Hasbro version uses a light green. There are also some differences in the paint applications, from color to layout, particularly on the robot and beast-mode heads.
There are also some differences among the Hasbro versions. The first runs of the toy lacked the Decepticon sigil tampograph on the robot-mode shoulder's white disc (which the Takara version had), and very early versions lacked a peg to lock down the robot-mode head-plate to the torso. this was fixed in stages; first the peg, then the sigil was added very late in the run.
This mold was redecoed to make Command Ravage.


  • Battle Ravage (Booster, 2006)
    • Attacktix Number: TF06
    • Faction: Decepticon
    • Class: Specialist
    • Special: Attackback - 8/26 (30%) success ratio
    • Point Cost: 20
    • Base Speed: 10
    • Attack Type: Striker (Mace)
Battle Ravage is a Striker figure with unique ball and chain (okay, ball and string) attack. Attacktix players recommend positioning the handle of the mace as close as possible to an opponent's figure, rather than attempting to strike with the ball. Ravage has 3 points of articulation (head and shoulders) not including his spring-loaded waist.
Battle Ravage's "Rally" Special Power allows you to put another Battle Ravage figure back into play from the graveyard. This power allows a player to replicate the endless Battle Ravage swarms from the Energon cartoon with only a handful of Battle Ravage figures.


  • An undetermined number of unassembled Battle Ravage toys were presented as part of a toy painting workshop supervised by Anthony Beard at OTFCC 2004. These toys were slightly prepped by Anthony to give them red translucent parts.

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