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Battle Gaia is a giant Decepticon from the Operation Combination portion of Generation One.

Not quite Bruticus, not quite Ruination, it's...Battle Gaia!

Battle Gaia, also known as Bruticus, leads the Decepticon invasion force under orders from Scrash aiming to take over Earth. His arch-nemesis is Guard City, who leads the Autobot forces against him.

He is composed of five Decepticons...


Operation Combination story pages[]


Made of Battle Fire, Battle Water, Battle Earth, Battle Wind and Battle Heart.

Battle Gaia came to Earth along with the Jet Corps in order to drain it of energy. Typical giant evil robot fare, you know the drill. He was naturally opposed by the Autobots who had remained on Earth.

Eventually, the Autobots tried some weird-ass robot-pyramid cheerleader MY FIGHTING SPIRIT WILL PREVAIL dooflatchy that zapped Battle Gaia real good. The Jet Corps gathered up the parts of Battle Gaia and retreated, presumably never to be seen again.

(Note: Battle Gaia is only ever shown in various combined-robot modes. Not once do we see the individual components who form him in the their separate forms. Because individuals don't matter, you see. Only the collective. ONE OF US. ONE OF US.)


Operation Combination[]

  • Battle Gaia (Multi-pack, 1992)
Japanese ID number: TF-10
Available only as a complete box set of five robots, Battle Gaia is a redeco of the Combaticon combiner Bruticus. As a scramble City style combiner, he can be composed of any combination of limb-bots, as long as he uses Great Cannon as the torso.
This mold-set was later used to make Ruination.