Battle Drive is a multipath adventure in Generation One.
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Seriously, everyone, what did the Golden Gate Bridge ever do to any of us?

Vital Statistics

ISBN 0-345-34153-8
Writer: Barbara and Scott Siegel
Illustrator William Schmidt (interior pencils and cover painting)
Pagecount: 73pp
Major characters:

Originally published: by Ballantine Books under the Find Your Fate Junior imprint, 1985


Bumblebee learns the Decepticons are destroying farmland to control the world's food supply. In reality, it's all a clever ruse to draw the Autobots into battle on flat farmland with no cover, and destroy them.

Meanwhile, Sparkplug has discovered a fatal weakness in the Decepticons' circuits, and is hiding from Decepticon search parties.

Will the Autobots be destroyed? Can you save Sparkplug? The answer to these questions... is up to you.


Sparkplug Witwicky


  • The authors dedicated this book to their friend Steven J. Kleinman
  • The Deluxe Insecticon Ransack was among Megatron's forces, one of his rare appearances during the original G1 era.
  • One ending has the adventure stop abruptly, when you, the reader, wake up. It was all a dream... or was it?
  • Sparkplug's plight goes unmentioned if you do not encounter Buster. This actually makes a good deal of sense if the Decepticons were unable to find him, since Soundwave overhears Buster explaining to you that Sparkplug went to the hills to hide.
  • The Autobots compose a fightin' song to commemorate their victory over the Decepticons. Awesome.

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