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Basher is an Autobot from the Generation One continuity family.

Where Tracks is all about being flashy and up front and center in battle, his smaller partner Basher is geared more for staying unseen in his job. He's got infrared and remote cameras for espionage jobs, and laser-beam "twipwires" to alert him to potential threats... and a set of heat-seeking missiles eliminate said threats. All of these armaments are made available to Tracks when Basher combines with him as a weapons-pack and battle helmet.


Generation One

  • Tracks with Basher (Action Master, 1991)
Basher is a small light-green and blue anti-aircraft tank dimly similar to a Gepard. Pressing a trigger on his rear section spring-launches the turret forward; while this is pointless by himself, when Basher is plugged onto Tracks' back, the turret flips over Tracks' head to act as a battle helmet. Basher was, of course, only available with his larger partner.


  • Basher's side-mounted triple-guns come off fairly easily, which can lead to them being lost.

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