RIDGame Barrage

Barrage is cunning and deceitful, but then he is a Decepticon. He can fire explosive mines over short distances. He has a Mini-Con partner named Needler.


Robots in Disguise mobile game

Barrage was one of the Decepticons aboard the Alchemor. Steeljaw found his stasis pod and freed him, at which point he revealed that he possessed the plans for a space bridge that would allow the Decepticons to invade Cybertron. Needler was able to rewire the pod, turning it into a cloning chamber, and Barrage immediately had visions of himself in charge. He and Steeljaw built a space bridge in the forest, only for Bumblebee's team of Autobots to find them. After Steeljaw was defeated by the team, Barrage managed to flee through the space bridge to Cybertron, only to be followed by the Autobots. After a brutal fight, Barrage was defeated and dragged back to Earth to be slapped into a stasis pod.




  • Unicron Megatron with Ratbat and Barrage (Triple Team, 2013)
Packaged with the larger Unicron Megatron toy, Barrage transforms from a rhinoceros beetle into a little robot. The beetle horn detaches and becomes a large scimitar. He's also packaged with Ratbat.
Like pretty much all Beast Hunters Construct Bots, Barrage did not see release in the United States.


  • Barrage's name doesn't appear in the game itself, but was found by looking at the game files.
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