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This article is about the Generation One Insecticon. For the Generation One Autobot Micromaster, see Barrage (Autobot).

Barrage believes winning is not enough, all must be leveled to the ground, and then the rubble should be burned and the ashes scattered to the wind. Merciless and cruel, he feels kindness of any sort is allowing the enemy hope, and that is unacceptable. He will shoot the retreating and the wounded, and even those taken prisoner. Barrage takes no prisoners. Then he'll keep firing until the battlefield is a smoldering crater. When he's deployed to a battlefield, even the other Decepticons take a few steps back. He's disliked even among their ranks. Maybe it's those beady, creepy little red eyes.


Dreamwave comics continuity

After the fragmentation of the Decepticon forces following Megatron's seeming destruction in a space bridge accident, Barrage joined Ratbat's Ultracons. Along with fellow Ultracons Chop Shop and Venom, he was involved in an altercation with Ultra Magnus, Blaster, and Grimlock. Barrage accompanied his leader to the Autobot/Decepticon peace ceremony at Tyger Pax, where he granted a brief, violent 'interview' to the holo-image of Slamdance. The Age of Wrath, Part 1

When Megatron and his Aerospace Extermination Squadron retook Cybertron and reunified the Decepticons, Barrage was assigned to supervise enslaved Autobot miners at Internment Camp Pi in Praxus. While there, he and Octane delivered a brutal beatdown to the rebellious Cliffjumper, but were beaten back by Brawn. The Age of Wrath, Part 2

Barrage, along with Chop Shop, Ransack, and Venom, remained on Cybertron following the departure of the Ark and the Nemesis. The planet's chronic energon shortage reduced them to a vampiric existence, forcing them to capture Micromasters and drain them of their fuel. While pursuing Falcon and Flanker in the Wastelands, they ran into the middle of a conflict between the Hot Rod Patrol and Race Track Patrol. Destined For Nothing

After devouring Falcon they soon set upon the other Micromasters, but were driven back by the timely arrival of Groundshaker, who left with the Hot Rod Patrol. The subsequent arrival of Shockwave prevented them from devouring the Race Track Patrol, but he did toss them Flanker as a snack. The Gray Race The Insecticons subsequently abducted the Race Track Patrol and several other Micromasters from Little Iacon, in an attempt to ferret out the Hot Rod Patrol and gain some new recruits in the process. When Blaze Master refused to sign up, Barrage shot him unconscious. En route to Decepticon HQ, Barrage's sonic rifle was stolen by the kleptomaniacal Chop Shop. Recipe For Hate Upon reaching headquarters, Barrage and his cohorts were caught in the middle of a Micromaster invasion. After watching Ransack fall, Barrage was decapitated by Roadhandler. Victims of the Revolution

Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs the Transformers comics continuity

As part of Serpent O.R.'s forces, Barrage defended the newly unified Decepticon army's base against a combined Autobot/G.I. Joe strike force. In the course of the battle, he was shot by Lady Jaye. The Art of War, Part 5

IDW comics continuity


Barrage was stationed on board the Thanatos. When Thunderwing returned to decimate Cybertron once more, Barrage joined the battle under Headstrong's command, serving as ground forces backing up Optimus Prime and the Wreckers in their struggle. Stormbringer issue 4


Generation One

  • Barrage (Deluxe Insecticon, 1985)
    • Accessories: Gun, sword

Don't laugh at his guns.

Barrage transforms into a predominantly green and yellow rhinoceros beetle. As a robot, it is among the most posable of all Generation One toys. It is also notable for being among the very few insect Transformers to have all of its beast mode legs folded away and out of sight in robot mode.

Barrage's mold was originally released as part of the Armored Insect Battalion Beetras toyline by Japanese toymaker Takatoku Toys. The original version of this mold was named Beet Gadol.


  • Barrage, like all of the Deluxe Insecticons, was originally designed by Takatoku Toys for the Armored Insect Battalion Beetras (機甲虫隊ビートラス) toyline. Takatoku Toys went out of business before the end of the Beetras line and their assets were purchased by fellow Japanese toymaker Bandai. Bandai licensed Takatoku's Beetras molds (alongside toys from Special Armored Battalion Dorvack and Super Dimensional Fortress Macross) to Hasbro in 1985 to make the Deluxe Insecticons.
  • Neither Barrage nor the rest of the Deluxe Insecticons ever appeared in an episode of the original Transformers cartoon series. As none of the Deluxe Insecticons were based on toys owned by Takara there is little likelihood that they will ever be reissued by TakaraTomy or Hasbro.
  • Energon Insecticon seems to be an homage to Barrage, sharing his alt mode and colors.

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