The Baroness is a member of Cobra in the Generation One continuity family.

Two European accents in one picture!

The Baroness (Baroness Anastasia de Cobray) is Cobra's chief intelligence officer. She is a master of disguise, has a romantic relationship with Destro, usually tries to off the Cobra Commander, and is universally considered to be excessively hot. This is mildly disturbing when one considers that her card bio mentions she's a burn victim.


Marvel Comics continuity

On Cobra Island, the Baroness watched while Cobra Commander berated Zartan for allowing his Dreadnoks to reveal Cobra's interest in Power Station Alpha. Blood on the Tracks Later, she flirted with new Cobra leader Serpentor over some quail (much to the disgust of Destro), and watched as Doctor Mindbender seized control of Power Station Alpha. Power Struggle After Serpentor and Shockwave struck a Cobra-Decepticon alliance, the Baroness departed the island in a Rattler and met with secret Cobra conspirator Senator Barbara Larkin in Washington, D.C. for a nice cup of tea. Larkin was unhappy about her involvement in the Power Station Alpha affair, but the Baroness curtly dismissed her concerns. Ashes, Ashes... Back at Cobra Island, she saved Mindbender from their treacherous "ally" Bombshell and went to Seattle where Cobra and G.I. Joe had entered into an alliance to stop Power Station Alpha, which was now under Decepticon control. The Baroness grudgingly teamed with Scarlett and Goldbug to plant explosives on the power station, to be detonated if and only if the Decepticon control of the station could not be overridden...but the Baroness blew it up anyway. Later, she had Senator Larkin shot. Man. ...All Fall Down!

Dreamwave continuity

She speculated that Transformers' eyes might be a flashing, red weakness. This amused Megatron, who declared that she would have made a fine Decepticon, were she not tragically human.

She tortured Flint using decades-old tools.

As G.I. Joe and the Autobots' combined army approached the Cobra fortress, she and her secret lover, Destro, came together to overthrow the Commander. She murdered the Commander using Megatron's gun mode and was arrested by Scarlett. The Iron Fist

Devil's Due Publishing continuity

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe

Percy viper

One of the rare occasions where she doesn't end a sentence in "darlink".

She was among the Cobra officials who greeted Destro when he arrived at Cobra Island. When things on the island began to get hot, she vamoosed.

The Art Of War

She and Zartan spied on Cobra Commander while he remote-operated his plot to control The Matrix. The Commander was aware of his underlings' eavesdropping, but didn't seem to care. The Art of War, Part 4

Black Horizon

Destro was now hanging out with Mistress Armada instead, but at least The Baroness wasn't captured. Black Horizon, Part 1


  • Baroness & Ravage Statue
At the 2006 UK Toy Fair, First4Figures revealed a statue of The Baroness and Ravage based on the art from the Convention Edition of G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers Vol.1, Part 3.

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