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This article is about the Generation One Action Master. For the Unicron Trilogy ancient master, see Banzai-Tron (Cybertron).

Banzai-Tron is an entrepreneurial ninja. Being a master of Crystalocution, Banzai-Tron can dismantle an opponent in seconds, only to sell the scrap later. Being very practical, he doesn't believe in the spiritual aspects of his martial arts background. Besides, the idea of a higher power would cramp the arrogant Banzai-Tron's style.


IDW Generation One comics[]

Banzaitron [sic] is a high-ranking officer in the Decepticon Secret Service, possibly the director of the entire organization. He seems to possess a good deal of autonomy from Megatron in carrying out his actions. Banzaitron acts as the handler for Dealer, an unscrupulous Autobot who turned mercenary, selling secrets and services to the Decepticons for profit. Banzaitron attempted to acquire a legendary oracle called "the Magnificence" with Dealer's help, but the operation failed. Spotlight: Hot Rod Dealer's cover ultimately remained intact, however, and he maintained contact with Banzaitron, selling him bits of information such as the existence of Transformer gestalt warriors discovered by the Autobots. With "Doubledealer's" information, Banzaitron tracked them to the penitentiary on Garrus 9 and staged a full scale assault on the Autobot base to acquire this revolutionary technology. After an opening mass bombardment, Banzaitron sent the Combaticons down in a dropship, and his soldiers successfully pulled the six Monstructor component robots out of Garrus 9 using an orbital pick-up. Spotlight: Arcee

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Banzaitron and his Decepticons only made it as far as the Orcibe Cluster, where their captives were reactivated by parties unknown, allowing them to escape. The damaged Banzaitron was found by Arcee, with whom he formed an alliance. Spotlight: Hardhead


Generation One[]

  • Banzai-Tron w/ Razor-Sharp (Action Master, 1990)
G1Banzai-Tron toy

My gun... is really too big and heavy.

As an Action Master, Banzai-Tron is a non-transforming action figure. Unlike the other Action Masters, he does not have any particular signs of an alternate mode, being largely a robotic samurai. He was sold on an individual card with his transforming partner Razor-Sharp. He is compatible with any other Action Master weapon or vehicle.


  • Banzai-Tron (BotCon attendee figure, 2009)
Banzai-Tron is a purple/grey/green redeco of Energon Mirage. He transforms into a speedboat with "To the victor go the profits" written on his sides in Cybertronian symbols. The problem is now he has a lot of kibble.



Banzai-Tron, Octopunch. Double team supreme.

  • Many promotional catalogs (and even his own Power Plans) consistently use a slightly different version of Banzai-Tron. It is notable for minor color variations, and spikes on his shoulders and helmet. Odder still, "Razor-Sharp" was usually depicted as the inner robot to Pretender Octopunch, but in Razor-Sharp's colors.
  • Banzai-Tron is the third Transformer toy to carry a weapon that can be held as either a gun or a blade, the first being Pounce, the second being Pretender Grimlock's Shell.

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