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Sentinel Maximus and Vector Prime fight Ramjet and Nemesis Prime in the spark chamber core of Cybertron.


Vector Prime sword fights with Ramjet as Nemesis Prime heads for Primus' essence in the spark chamber core of Cybertron. Sentinel Maximus follows him, but Nemesis Prime is more than a match for him and hard to catch.

Skyfall agrees to help Downshift down from where he's been pinned to the wall.

On the surface of Cybertron, Quickslinger bemoans her implausible splintered finger. She is knocked to the side as Ramjet and Vector Prime burst out of the ground, still in battle. Ramjet tries to sway Vector Prime, reminding him that with Unicron dead, the balance is destroyed, and that the only way to restore it is to also kill Primus... unless Vector Prime agrees to help restore Unicron. Vector Prime refuses.

Sentinel Maximus fails to stop Nemesis Prime, who seals himself in the heart of Cybertron. He opens the Dead Matrix. "I shall drown the light in darkness."

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Items of note

  • Sentinel Maximus once again uses digital versions of Apelinq's dual impact maces.
  • Quickslinger is a fan-character which was featured in this issue's Fan Club magazine. She is Cybertron Ransack's toy with the red painted purple. However, in the comic she is Ransack in white, green, and orange, and isn't even named. (The next issue of the magazine declares this character to be her. Otherwise, it looks nothing like her.)
  • Ramjet, in dialogue with Vector Prime, attributes Primus' failed attempts at burning Unicron away in a newborn star as the cause of the black hole. This ties heavily to the ending of the Energon animated series. He even goes as far as to comment that a half-dozen planets paid the price for this mistake. Sorry, Alpha Q.