Sentinel Maximus battles Dark Scorponok, but the skirmish is just a diversion from Ramjet and Nemesis Prime's real scheme.


Ramjet tells Skyfall that he knows about his mysterious past, and that if Skyfall does what he says, Ramjet will tell him.

Sentinel Maximus continues to battle Dark Scorponok, who is a tough opponent to keep down. Sentinel Maximus radios Vector Prime to hurry his attempts to reactivate the Kalis Primary Energon Reserves Control defenses. Unfortunately, Cybertron is very low on power, and it will be difficult. Dark Scorponok stings Sentinel Maximus with his mech-venom and is about to begin consuming him when the auto defense systems come back online. Scorponok is devastated by autogun fire.

Vector Prime notes that it was not he who turned on the auto defense systems. They have an unknown ally.

Vector Prime receives a muffled distress signal from Downshift, who is in the spark core of Cybertron where Primus' essence resides. Vector Prime and Sentinel Maximus rush down there to find Ramjet, Nemesis Prime, their Mini-Cons, and Skyfall. Downshift is pinned to the wall through his torso by one of Nemesis Prime's hip weapons. The two sides confront each other for battle.

Featured characters

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Items of note

  • Sentinel Maximus carries digital versions of Apelinq's dual impact maces.
  • Downshift appears to be in his Kay-Bee exclusive Transformers Universe colors. Universe Downshift's toy packaging profile notes he has stayed behind to guard the shafts leading to the core of Cybertron.
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