Ramjet attempts to recruit both Dark Scorponok and Skyfall.


The zombie Dark Scorponok tries to consume Skyfall's spark, but Skyfall's impenetrable personal force field saves him. Enraged, Dark Scorponok blasts the buildings around Skyfall, and the rubble buries him. Ramjet's Mini-Cons, Thunderclash and Thunderwing, tell Dark Scorponok where he can quell his insatiable hunger.

Later, Sentinel Maximus and Vector Prime arrive at the Kalis Primary Energy Reserves control. Though the building is abandoned, the automated defenses are switched off. The two enter and plan to switch the defense systems back on. Thunderclash and Thunderwing lead Dark Scorponok to the entrance of the building where Safeguard stands watch. He attacks the Mini-Con and Safeguard calls for backup. Dark Scorponok and Sentinel Maximus battle.

Ramjet tells the story of Dark Scorponok to a swarm of Scrapmetal which sit around him in a circle. Nearby, Skyfall blasts himself out of the rubble. Skyfall is on Cybertron in search of answers to his past, and Ramjet claims to have them. Skyfall listens intently.

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  • The Mini-Cons can talk.
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