Vector Prime and Sentinel try to begin repairs on Alpha Trion and Vector Sigma, while Skyfall arrives on Cybertron to a less than warm reception.


As the damaged Alpha Trion is placed into a repair chamber, Vector Prime tells Sentinel Maximus the nature of their opponents. Nemesis Prime was cloned by Unicron from the remains of a defeated Optimus Prime from a long-destroyed dimension. Ramjet's time between dimensions has warped his physical form.

Elsewhere, the dead body of the former Terrorcon leader comes to life! Sort of. It is Dark Scorponok, and he must feed.

At the Iacon Spaceport, Skyfall's ship, the Flash Frenzy, touches down. At first the planet seems completely deserted, but then he is attacked by a swarm of Scrapmetals and Dark Scorponok.

Meanwhile, Ramjet explains his plan to Nemesis Prime. Unicron, imprisoned in a physical body by Primus, cannot destroy more than one reality at a time. However, Cybertron is the "stable axis of the multiverse." The essence of Primus spans all timelines, all realities. If Primus is killed here by the Dead Matrix and this Cybertron is fed to the Unicron Singularity, it can replicate itself in every dimension, replacing Cybertron as the center of the multiverse—a multiverse of nothingness!

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