Ramjet and Nemesis Prime arrive on Cybertron with a nefarious plot to destroy it.


The Unicron Singularity hovers over Cybertron like a vast predatory bird. Out of a nearby portal appear Ramjet, his Mini-Cons, and Nemesis Prime, Unicron's heralds. Though Unicron is dead, the tide may still yet be turned. They head for Iacon to recruit assistance from what few natives remain. At Maccadam's Old Oil House, they proposition the Decepticons Jackhammer and Crush Groove. They refuse and are destroyed.

In the chamber of Alpha Trion, Vector Prime discusses with him the state of Cybertron and Vector Sigma. Alpha Trion notes that he cannot contact Primus, as he has withdrawn to devote all his energy to counteract the pull of the Unicron Singularity. Vector Prime gives Alpha Trion a progress report on the Autobots' search for the Cyber Planet Keys.

Using the space-time distortions caused by the Unicron Singularity, Alpha Trion was able to contact some extra-dimensional help: Sentinel Maximus. However, while introductions are being made, the chamber is suddenly under attack by Ramjet, Nemesis Prime, and their Mini-Cons. While Ramjet and Vector Prime fight, Nemesis Prime picks up Alpha Trion and throws him into Vector Sigma, crumbling it. Ramjet blasts Vector Sigma and Alpha Trion, further destroying the two. The heralds of Unicron quickly escape, leaving Vector Prime and Sentinel Maximus to pick up the pieces.

Featured characters

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Autobots Decepticons Mini-Cons

Items of note

  • Ramjet is portrayed as randomly decaying and glowing purple radiation. His physical form appears to be unstable, sometimes spurting tentacles or displaying burns and holes, which change place from panel to panel.
  • Jackhammer is clearly based on the Generation One Decepticon Rumble.
  • Sentinel Maximus is from the Universe: The Wreckers storyline. He is the combined form of Primal Prime and Apelinq, and appears to have Apelinq's ability to download digital objects into reality.
  • Vector Prime's Mini-Con, Safeguard has a little sword of his own. It's adorable.
  • At this time, the Autobots have located one of the planets.
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