Template:CharacterAmong the demonic Four Oni PredaconsBakudora (バクドーラ Bakudōra) is both the fastest and perhaps the most fanatically devoted to his ruler Budora. The Siphon Claw on his tail allows him to replenish his own energy by stealing that of any living thing. He has four horns; now you know how to recognize him at the train station.


Transformers Go!

At some point, Bakudora, Budora, Gaidora, and Judora entered stasis underground near Mount Fuji where the Demon Emperor Dragotron was buried. After a boy unknowingly unearthed Dragotron's head, the Emperor summoned his four servants to awaken from their sleep. Bakudora and Judora immediately set out for Nagoya Castle to find the azure Legendisc located there. However, Tobio Fūma, aware of the Legendisc's significance, managed to steal it from the Predacons. Angered, Judora attacked human bystanders, angering Tobio and causing the Legendisc to summon the Swordbot Shinobi Team from within Nagoya Castle in response to Tobio's needs. Judora attempted to summon the Jaki to take care of the Shinobi Team, but they were eventually defeated, despite combining into Goradora. The two Predacons were soon attacked by GoGekisou, the combined form of the Shinobi Team and sent into retreat.

TFGoSamurai3 Budora Bakudora beast modes

When Budora discovered the Legendiscs' capability to time-travel, Bakudora joined his team leader in a trip to the past using Dragotron's blue Legendisc. There, they stole the green Legendisc from Musashi Miyamoto. Bakudora was concerned with being able to return to their proper time and Budora's apparent desire to gain power for himself using the Legendiscs, but Budora alleviated his concerns. They were soon confronted with the Swordbot Samurai Team and Miyamoto; through the heroes' combined efforts, the Predacons' attempt to alter history was stopped short.

Budora and Bakudora headed back to the past again, aiming to retrieve the Legendisc from a young Ryōma Sakamoto, only to discover that Isami and the Samurai Team had already arrived. Bakudora summoned forth the Dark Jaki, and while they kept the Autobots busy, he demanded Sakamoto hand over the Legendisc. Isami placed himself between the Predacon and Sakamoto, earning Sakamoto's respect and prompting the boy to hand over the Legendisc to Isami. The Autobots promptly combined and defeated the Jaki, and though Bakudora made another vain attempt to snatch the disc, he and Budora were returned to present day before he had a chance.

TFGoShinobi3 Bakudora powerup

Dragotron continued to slumber, causing Bakudora to wonder if their boss would ever wake up. Dragotron picked that moment to pour energy into the two Predacons and violently awaken. The two Predacons soon found Tobio Fūma and the Swordbot Shinobi Team, freshly returned from the past with a Legendisc, and attacked, Dragotron's power causing them to grow to immense size. Despite this power, the pair were defeated by the Swordbots shortly before Dragotron himself arrived to lend a hand. Despite the additional arrival of Optimus Exprime, Budora grabbed Tobio and the two Legendiscs he was carrying, and he and Bakudora headed for Mount Fuji. Later, during the battle between Dragotron and the Autobots, the Predacon summoned the Four Oni, and to their surprise absorbed them to add their power to his own. This still wasn't enough to prevent Dragotron's and the others eventual defeat and reimprisonment.


  • Bakudora's name is short for "Explosive Dragon" (爆・ドラ baku - dora), as demonstrated in his function of "Explosive Speed Oni" (爆速鬼 Bakusokuki). It's not "Backdoor", we swear.
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