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Backtrack is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Is he... dancing?

Backtrack is a speed demon on the field, and a shameless liar in his personal dealings. He makes empty promises that he has no intentions of keeping, goes back on his word at the first chance, and makes no excuses or apologies for his behavior. This makes him highly unpopular with other Mini-Cons and the Autobots, but his skills as a recon soldier make him very valuable, much to his teammates’ chagrin. Still, maybe Spiral can beat him into line.

Japanese Micron Legend name: Auto
Japanese Galaxy Force name: Sullow


Animated continuity

Armada cartoon

Backtrack, Spiral and an unknown Mini-Con are assigned to repair "tune up" Megatron following a close encounter with the Requiem Blaster. Runaway

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Dreamwave comics continuity


Spiral and the rest of the Street Speed Team were among the Mini-Cons who lived on Earth's Moon, until Dualor brought the Earth-based Mini-Cons there, which also brought the Decepticons. Spiral and the others escaped in a rocket-pod that crashed in north Alaska, leaving them deactivated. Ultimately the Autobots were successful in retrieving the pod.

Spiral returned to Cybertron and helped Over-Run activate the Mini-Con Matrix, which dealt a critical blow to Unicron.

Cybertron toy bios

The Street Speed Team were sent to Velocitron as advance scouts for the Autobots. The planet's mass of winding high-speed tracks really appealed to them, to the point where they started having a hard time tearing themselves from the road to get their missions underway.



  • Street Speed Mini-Con Team (Basic, 2003)
    • Japanese ID number: MM-06
Backtrack transforms into a Cadillac XLR luxury car, available only in a three-pack with Oval and Spiral. Like his fellow Street Speed Mini-Con Team members, his car mode wheels are designed to allow for much faster rolling on smooth surfaces.
This mold was also used to make Redline, and Armada Side Burn. It was planned to be used for Energon Override and packed with Ultra Magnus, but that release was changed late in the production run and given a different Mini-Con Team.


  • Silverbolt and Turbo with Speed Micron (Multi-pack, 2003)
    • Japanese ID number: MS-05
The Street Speed Team was also available in Japan in a multi-pack with Blurr and Incinerator. All toys in the set were identical to their individual releases.


  • Auto Overdrive Edition (Mini-Con, 2003)
A black and white redeco of the original Backtrack toy. The "Overdrive Edition" redeco of the Team were given away as individual pieces (not as a complete Team!) at the 17-day Japanese "World Hobby Fair" in January/February of 2003. In April that year, they were also available as random (individual) giveaways at Ito Yokaido stores with the purchase of any Micron Legend product.


Yes, some people really want this. Yes, yes, we know, we want it anyway.

  • Street Speed Mini-Con Team (Basic, 2003)
A gray-and-white redeco of Backtrack was planned to be released as part of a "refresh" version of the Street Speed Team for the "Unicron Battles" rebranding of Armada. The coloration of the Team was a "one-off" of the Takara Overdrive Edition version, with each toy’s main color shifted over to another one. Though the full Team was displayed in Hasbro's OTFCC 2003 "upcoming products" case, the set was ultimately canceled for unknown reasons.

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This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.


  • Street Speed Mini-Con Team (Basic-class, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: GC-08
A retooling of the first Backtrack mold, he transforms into a modified Cadillac XLR. He was only available in a complete 3-pack with his also-retooled teammates.
This version of the mold was used to make Cybertron Dice.


  • For whatever reason, the Street Speed Team is the only Armada Mini-Con Team to not have an X-Dimension release.
  • The Japanese Galaxy Force version of the Street Speed Team is one of the very few mass-retail "new"-mold Japanese Transformers toys to not show up in the accompanying cartoon.
  • "Sullow" seems to be some kind of Japanglish pun on "yellow", the toy's color, and possibly "slow".
  • The Cybertron cardback has Backtrack and Oval's names swapped around.

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