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Backstop is an Autobot from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Short, wide rhino seeks chick for long walks on beach, eating parasites off hide

A wise elder of Jungle Planet, Backstop sought enlightenment beyond the boundaries of his world. But when he returned, he found himself focused not on the things he'd learned offworld, but on the strife of his people. Thus, he attempted to teach a new generation of Transformers what he learned and the ways of peace, only to see his brightest pupil, Scourge, succumb to the evils of tyranny.

Japanese name: Saidos (サイドス Saidosu)


Cybertron cartoon

Voice actor: Scott McNeil (English), Masahiko Tanaka (Japanese)


Years ago, Backstop sought to teach the young warriors of Jungle Planet the ways of peace and the honorable warrior. Their planet had long since been ravaged by raiders, and he thought that this new philosophy of "peaceful aggression" would usher in a new age for their people. His students included Scourge, Snarl, and Undermine. To the former two, he was like a father, and his charges saw one another as brothers.

However, their bond was torn apart when Scourge resolved to take the fight to the raiders. Backstop protested this, saying that Scourge would begin a cycle of vengeance that would only lead to more vengeance. Scourge left his master's side, and Snarl went with him, deciding to stand by his friend rather than his master.

Backstop's words would ring true; after Scourge defeated the raiders, his honor and decency began to fade, and the dragon-bot had all of Jungle Planet in his iron-fisted grip. What had began as a fight for peace turned into a dictatorship.

Years later, Backstop encountered Overhaul, who had been weakened by the harsh environment of Jungle Planet. Surprised by the fact that Overhaul could turn into a vehicle rather than a beast (though he did recognize the form), Backstop would later learn that Overhaul was in fact from the Transformers' ancient world of Cybertron. Through him, Backstop became affiliated with the Autobots and eventually told Scourge's story to Optimus Prime. Eventually, even Backstop learned that one had to fight at some point, and he went to tell Scourge that Optimus would be challenging him. At the same time, reminded Scourge that Optimus fought for the things Scourge had forgotten.

Optimus and Leobreaker defeated Scourge, and afterwards, Backstop helped the Autobots in their attempt to get Jungle Planet's Cyber Planet Key off the planet. He would remain on his homeworld, even after Scourge left to seek vengeance on Optimus, though he did see the effects of the Black Hole when a space bridge appeared over his world.

Much later, Backstop joined the multi-world alliance and rushed to help Scourge (who had learned the error of his ways) to right the massive engine that was meant to restore Jungle Planet to its rightful position in space. He then oversaw a tournament to decide the new leader of Jungle Planet and declared Scourge the rightful and honorable ruler.

Afterwards, Backstop decided to join the crew of the Hyperborea. When it departed, he told Evac that "sometimes the path to enlightenment leads away from home."

Hasbro bio and key code info

Backstop is a Transformer who once relied on anger until he traveled the galaxy, learning the way of the warrior from Bludgeon and Banzai-Tron. He returned and was eventually defeated in battle by Scourge. He sought to destroy the dragon-bot, having learned the true value of life—life that Scourge does not honor.

Eventually, Leobreaker taught him how to play baseball.

Note: Hasbro's bio presents a very different image of Backstop from the one portrayed on the show. However, the text in his key-code information is more in line with the TV series and also somewhat ties in with his comment about having seen vehicular Transformers prior in his life.



  • Backstop (Scout class, 2005)
Japanese ID number: GC-15
GalaxyForce Saidos toy

If it's not Rhinox, and it is not a Dinobot, who is it?

Backstop transforms into a robotic rhinoceros. In either mode, inserting a Cyber Planet Key into his key slot activates his spring-loaded ramming horn, which extends outward (but does not actually launch). He comes with a silver-bordered Jungle Planet-style Key; the Hasbro version has the Key Code "stw7" on its back.
Cybertron Backstop toy

he has two left feet in every mode!

There are several notable differences between the Hasbro and Takara releases of Backstop. The Takara version is overall lighter, with a mainly medium-gray body, silvery beast-mode legs, plus coppery plastic and paint deco. The Hasbro version, however, uses a darker gray with a bit of purple tint for the main body, with medium-gray legs and a more yellow-gold on the accenting.


  • Backstop (Scout, 2007)
Backstop was one of several Cybertron Scout-class toys also made available on Universe cardbacks, and sold through discount chains like Kay-Bee Toy Works. This version is unchanged from the Cybertron release.



He only wanted a hug.

  • Backstop's Japanese name is a "coolification" of sai, the Japanese word for "rhinoceros". Think of it as the Japanese equivalent of the name "Rhinox".
  • Backstop had a normal left arm that unfolded from the back of the rhino very far into the design process, so far as to have a complete sculpt made. According to Hasbro employees, this was changed into his less human-like scooped arm design so that the rhino mode wouldn't appear to have a fist emerging from its, well...

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