Backslash is a Predacon from the Beast Era portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Sure, he's mean, but just wait until you meet his friend Hyphen.

Backslash is a cool character, a criminal killer who is as slick with words as he is deadly with an energy blade. He works for Cryotek, probably mostly in the field of killing folks. Though he was built to be a new member of the Predacon Police, upon first activation, he murdered his indoctrination officer and immediately fled to the streets to begin his life of crime. Despite his history of ill deeds, he's never once been caught, keeping his criminal record clean. Because of this, Backslash has a reputation of being "untouchable." [1]


Theft of the Golden Disc

Voice actor: Ronald Smith

Hey, he slashed that guy in the back! ...oh.

During the theft of the Datafile holding the location of the Golden Disk, Backslash and his partner, whom he called "Clamps", composed Team Alpha, sent to Maximal Power Station B4 Y to disrupt the power supply for the Cybertropolis Maximal Data Archive. Although his partner was nearly caught setting the bomb, Backslash stabbed the Maximal security guard with an energy weapon, telling his partner he needed to watch his back better. However, when Backslash was setting the bomb to detonate, another Maximal security officer came up from behind and pointed his weapon at him. As Backslash attempted to explain that it wasn't what it appeared to be, "Clamps" detonated the bomb, destroying the generator, the guard, and Backslash. "Clamps" remarked that Backslash should have done a better job watching his back. Theft of the Golden Disk

There were enough parts left of him to keep him alive, but comatose, until his spark was stolen by Megatron's Vehicon forces. [2]



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