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Backfire is a Decepticon in the Generation One continuity family.
Backfire tms

Chainsaw sword? Pwnt is Elvish!

Backfire served as Megadeath's torturer's assistant 4 million years ago.

He has an awesome sword and the smuggest grin imaginable. Presumably he transforms into a land-based vehicle. It is unclear whether Backfire was a member of the elite cadre or not. If he was, he would be one of the two footsoldiers.


Marvel Comics UK continuity

Backfire helped hang Jazz over a vat of bubbling smelt for three days, applied the Hydraulic Probe to Wheeljack, and committed other unspeakable acts with Electro rods, a Rust Bore, the Mind Warp, vats of corrosive enzymes, and even just some chains and a pair of handy troopers in tank mode.

Backfire, like the rest of Megadeath's troops, evacuated Stanix well ahead of the neutron explosion. His final fate is unknown. The Magnificent Six!


Backfire's sword is visually based on the preferred weapon of Absolom Daak 'Dalek Killer' from Marvel UK's Doctor Who Comic.

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