Backbeat is an Autobot in the IDW portion of the Generation One continuity family.
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The word is on the street, that the fire in his heart is out.

Backbeat was a member of Hot Rod's unit to Ki-Aleta and was the team's explosives expert. His alternate mode was a hover-crane.


IDW comics continuity

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Team Redshirt.

Upon arriving at the Omega Bunker, Backbeat reported that the local weather conditions played havoc with his instrumentation. He, Gizmo and Dealer set up a diversion involving a holomatter generation and low-yield explosives to keep the ancient structure's Omega Guardians busy while Hot Rod and Download tunneled their way into the Magnificence's chamber. He presumably died when Gizmo's holomatter generator exploded and exposed them to the Omega Guardians. Spotlight: Hot Rod

Note: Backbeat's fate is not is now shown, but it is implied that he was manning the holomatter generator with Gizmo.
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