Airazor and Divebomb attempt to recruit the Cyclones.


Fracture and his Mini-Cons continued their pursuit of the Cyclones, who have kept themselves busy by etching a caricature of Fracture into the ground. Fracture then falls victim to a series of concealed explosives and is soon knocked out. Airazor and Divebomb approach Backtrack and Ransack on their own, telling them of all the high points of working under Fracture's employ. The Cyclones babble some gibberish that Airazor interprets as an agreement to join up with them. He changes his mind when the Cyclones sends both him and Divebomb flying and tumbling with tree used a makeshift see-saw. Fed up with trying to recruit the mischievous Mini-Cons, the duo transform into their rocket modes and chase after them, now intent on scrapping the Cyclones.


"Fracture is a fantastic boss!"

"He does all the walking!"

"The most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy!"

"Sometimes he smiles!"

Divebomb and Airazor make their pitch


  • Amusingly, there would later come a pair of Cyclone Mini-Cons named "Back" and "Forth", in the episode "Impounded".
  • This short was originally released on Hasbro's Transformers website.
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