Back is a Decepticon Mini-Con who is partnered with Forth and allied with Quillfire. He is able to manipulate magnetic waves in order to drag objects towards him. When paired with Forth, who has the power of magnetic repulsion, the two can be quite the formidable force.

Transformers Robots in Disguise


Season 2

Back and Forth were part of the group of Decepticons led by Scorponok and Glowstrike. Teamed with Quillfire, the pair accompanied their new boss into Crown City to scavenge auto supplies, and were in the process of doing so when Bumblebee and Strongarm found them in an alley. Back used his powers to pull several trash dumpsters and create a wall between them and Strongarm, and setting up Forth to use them to knock her out. The two jumped onto a trailer full of stolen goods pulled by Quillfire, making their escape. Back used his powers to yank highway signs off their supports and hurl them at the pursuing Autobots, but the two Mini-Cons were dumped from the trailer when Quillfire spilled the contents in the hopes of evading them. They were able to catch back up to their boss after Quillfire knocked out the Autobots with a volley of stunning quill-missiles (having lost all the stuff he was trying to steal in the first place), and the trio made a break for it to try and salvage the mission.

The Decepticons hit an auto parts distributorship, but were interrupted mid-raid by Grimlock disguised as a crane. Back and Forth used their magnetic powers in concert to try and pull him apart, but were forced to flee when Bumblebee and Strongarm arrived. Moving to a nearby truck stop, the trio were again interrupted by the Autobots. Back lept to a high rafter and started blasting away in orb-cannon mode, forcing the mode-locked Autobots to scramble. He tried to pummel Bumblebee with a hail of parts yanked off the shelves, but quick movement by Bee left the Mini-Con buried and unconscious. He, Forth, and Quillfire were all captured and taken back to the scrapyard.


Similar to Forth, Back is able to manipulate magnetic energy and use it to move objects. However, unlike Forth, whose magnetic powers repels objects, Back's magnetic powers drags objects towards him. This can become a weakness as Bumblebee is able to quickly avoid the incoming hail of magnetized objects towards Back, thus burying the Mini-con underneath the pile of objects.

Back is also able to transform into a sphere and attack with laser turrets.


  • Back's magnetic "breath" weapon is depicted with blue energy rings, matching the color commonly used for the "south" end of magnets.


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