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BB is a Predacon from the Beast Wars II era of the Generation One continuity. He later upgraded into Max-B.

Originally it was him,but then BB shot him and stole his costume...

BB is a hulking brute with limited mental capacity and very limited vocabulary. The only word in his dictionary is "Roger", as a matter of fact. He is perpetually loyal to Predacon Air Commander Starscream and goes along with all of his treacherous schemes.

BB can combine with Starscream in jet-mode to create the "Formation Scream" which enhances their aerial attack power. At one point, he was upgraded by Angolmois energy into Max-B.


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Beast Wars II and Neo cartoon

Voice actor: Takeshi Watanabe (Japanese)

You'll shoot your eye out, kid.

Starscream was the brains of the Predacon air warriors and BB was the brawn (while Dirge and Thrust were the oafs). BB aided Starscream in numerous plots to overthrow Galvatron and take leadership of the Predacons, even going so far as to dunk Megastorm into a pit of Angolmois energy (this, however, only upgraded Megastorm into Gigastorm).

They continued this for quite some time until, eventually, Gigastorm had enough. While battling the Maximals, Starscream and BB fell into a trap Gigastorm had set for the Maximals (an area riddled with bombs). Gigastorm held off at first, but after the Predacons were defeated, Starscream began to beg for mercy and even offered to switch sides. This disgusted Gigastorm, who then activated the explosives. The explosion dropped Starscream and BB into a pit of Angolmois energy which upgraded them into Hellscream (a flying cybernetic shark) and Max-B (a flying cybernetic wolf).


Mighty Max!

As Max-B, he still continued to follow his partner Hellscream and fight against the Maximals up until the final battle on the battleship Nemesis. At the climax of that battle, Galvatron detonated the battleship, sending all the remaining Predacons (including Max-B) floating helplessly through outer space.

Later, after the defeat of Unicron, all the exiled Predacons were invited back to Cybertron to help rebuild their desolated planet.

Beast Wars II manga

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Intimidation Game

Max-B, apparently a Megatron follower, was present at Scourge's interrogation of the captured Tripredacus Agent Flamewar. He was initially disguised as the Maximal K-9. Intimidation Game

IDW Beast Wars comics

BB was traumatized in a Maximal Prison "re-education center" before the Pax Cybertronia, and due to the psychological damage, retreated into himself and says only "Roger". He befriended Starscream at this time and his loyalty to the smaller robot was cemented when Starscream took BB with him during his escape from the facility. Beast Wars Sourcebook 1

His continuing loyalty to Hellscream saw Max B become an acolyte of Shokaract, but he and the other Shokaract-loyalists were defeated by Ravage and fled the scene. The Ascending issue 4


Beast Wars II

  • Starscream & BB (Ultra, 1998)
    • Japanese ID number: D-13
    • Accessories: 12 missiles
Aside from some minor deco changes (mostly involving new decals) and a very minor retool, this toy is identical to the canceled Generation 2 Megatron ATB with Starscream. BB transforms into a "flying wing" style stealth bomber with under-slung six-missile gatling cannon. Each wing holds three missiles, which can be dropped by pressing small buttons on the tops of the wings. He can also transform into a treaded "tank" mode. In jet form, he can combine with Starscream's jet mode to make a complete aircraft. He and Starscream always came as a pair.
This mold was also used to make Generation 2 Dreadwing, Robots in Disguise Dreadwind, and Robot Masters Gigant Bomb.
  • Bighorn vs Starscream & BB (Multi-pack, 1998)
    • Japanese ID number: VS-13
The pairing of Starscream and BB were also made available in a multi-pack with the Maximal Bighorn.
  • Max-B (Deluxe, 1998)
    • Japanese ID number: D-24
    • Accessories: Back-shield, tail-cannon, 2 anchor-missiles
The Wolfang mould was extensively retooled into a toy named K-9, with almost every part of the toy resculpted or modified. Max-B went even further, using the K-9 mould as the basis for a second retool. As a Cyborg-Beast this version of the mould had mechanical detail added to about half its parts.
In animal mode (a cyborg-wolf? -- sure, but K-9 was a German Shepherd), Max-B's new back plate gave him a spring-loaded trapping claw and a missile launcher. His tail was also modified to look like a mace. In robot mode Max-B no longer retained the mutant head gimmick of the previous two versions of the mold. He could hold his tail as either a mace weapon or a missile launcher, and his back-plate could be held as a combination claw/launcher weapon or worn on his back for storage.
The original incarnation of this mold was also used to make the Predacon Wolfang.



I did this all just for you, Starscream.

  • According to a humorous comic strip from Comic Bom Bom, BB's name actually stands for "Bom Bom" because he is a regular reader of Comic Bom Bom.
  • BB is (strangely) a golden orange color in his IDW Beast Wars Sourcebook profile entry.[1] The profile's author Ben Yee has gone on the record that this is in fact an error of the colorist.[2] It was corrected in the trade paperback.


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