B11-9981 is a human in the ARG portion of the Movie continuity family.

The subject designated B11-9981 by Sector Seven is shrouded in mystery.[1]


On February 2, 2007, B11-9981 penetrated the RT-24 security cordon without the required AV7 authorization. In his possession was audio/video recording equipment and an insulated parcel found to contain four 'gutbusters' of Neopolitan design. Guards apprehended B11-9981 before he could reach the elevators.

B11-9981 was released following interrogation and confiscation of the recording equipment and parcel. The matter of his entry remains unresolved. B11-9981 passed through:

  • The Blast Doors (raised)
  • The CBR Room (unlocked)
  • The X-Ray Scanning Area (off-duty)
  • The Reception Room (agent in bathroom)

Finally, the door permitting access to the elevator bank was ajar. While the other obstacles could be accessed electronically, the elevator bank portal has a mechanical lock, and must have been opened from the inside after the guard took his potty break.

B11-9981's intrusion has all the earmarks of a Tiger Team operation; meticulous planning, pinpoint exploitation of limited security windows, and collusion with on-the-ground personnel. It's unknown how many similar insertion operations Tiger Team may have run over the last few months before being caught.

To prevent similar breaches of security, S7 Department of Network Security issued directive 99-J4XY to all base personnel; violators will be transferred to Section N44E. The many round-the-clock staff of S7 have let the higher ups know of their dislikes of directive 99-J4XY, pointing out that such provisions are valuable to their job, and that "Jeremy is going into withdrawls". Sector Seven ARG

Note: Testing by security personnel indicates the 'gutbusters' B11-9981 was carrying were only capable of inducing minor intestinal discomfort, and did not pose a threat to base personnel.


  1. Not really. He was a pizza delivery boy.
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