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B.2 (ビーツー Bītsū) is Bumblebee's  Arms Micron partner. Bright and cheerful, he's a chirpy little fella.


Arms Micron Theater

B.2, O.P., and R.A. tried to transform. Perfect Transformation! Enter the Transformers B.2 and R.A. succeeded at transforming into robot mode, but O.P. still struggled. Dark Transformation! Dark Energon Having finally transformed to robot mode, O.P. got R.A. and B.2 to combine with him and form the Star Saber Super Combo Weapon. Rescue Transformation! Fowler in Crisis B.2 and R.A. got infected by Dark Energon, which gave them black color schemes that they thought were really cool and fashionable. They talked about their new looks during a talk show hosted by Arc, and were annoyed when she said black didn't suit them. Infiltration Transformation! Battleship Nemesis After a long day of being used as weapons, B.2 and R.A. decided to relax and have fun. Mostly they just went manic, with B.2 transforming to gun mode and shooting randomly. Explosive Transformation! Spacebridge Battle

Wearing a jaunty baseball cap, B.2 joined O.P. and R.A. in a radio show and read a postcard from Starscream asking for life advice. Aerial Transformation! Skyquake With O.P. still kind of shaken up after his encounter with MECH, he asked B.2 and B.H. what they could do to make life easier on their larger partners. B.2 suggested they drive the Autobots in vehicle mode; O.P. didn't exactly think this was a good idea. Reckless Transformation! Protect the Dingus! As part of the 10th-episode celebration, B.2 donned a set of Groucho Marx glasses. All-Out Assault Transformation! The Pair of Assassins When Zamu and Gra entered the Arms Micron studio, B.2 really didn't have much to contribute to the scene. Acceleration Transformation! Speed Match!

B.2, R.A., and Arc were ready to make a big announcement... when the walls of the studio fell away, revealing the looming presence of the colossal maw of Gari Robo-kun. B.2 was rightfully terrified. Mystery Insect Transformation! Forest of the Spider Woman! When Arc combined with B.2 and a bunch of other Arms Microns to form "Fire Galaxy Super God Star Arc" and chase away the Decepticon Microns, B.2 was the only one to notice there were two O.P.s in the combination. Phantom Transformation! Skyquake Returns Gora soon returned for a rematch, and B.2 and C.L. watched as she tricked him into forming various combinations instead of fighting. Strategy Transformation! Unravel the Sinister Thread!

In the form of the Star Saber, B.2, O.P., and R.A. attempted to stop the Dark Matter Calibur trio from causing trouble, but were defeated. Adhesive Transformation!? Magnetic Tag Match While their new rivals were asleep, the trio tried to think of a way to defeat them by listing off their Arms Micron abilities, but came up empty-handed. Exploration Transformation! Escape from the Underground The Autobot Microns hosted the same party again for the 20th-episode celebrations, this time with B.2 wearing an afro wig and mustache. Duel Transformation! Quell Cliffjumper's Regrets B.2 and his pals were eventually able to defeat the Dark Matter Calibur... by having the Cosmotector trio do it for them. Friendship Transformation! My Bulkhead

B.2 helped cook mapo energon on the Cooking Arms cooking show by heating the sauce with his gun mode, though it all ended in tears when they got the Star Saber involved and cut up the entire studio. Forbidden Transformation!? Ratchet's Strongest Legend? He spent one day playing Mystery of Convoy with Bumblebee and Raf. One-Shot Transformation! Optimus Prime VS Megatron When a mysterious package arrived, B.2 watched as O.P. and Arc argued whether to open it or not. Giant God Transformation! The Advance of Gaia Unicron After it turned out to contain the Matrix, B.2 witnessed R.A. combine with it into the Matrix Saber, though the sudden change to his friend's personality caused him to wonder if the Matrix was Synthetic Energon. Rivals Transformation! Birth of the Strongest Combination

When O.P. lost his memories, B.2 and R.A. tried to jolt him back to normal by combining with him into the Super Star Saber, but he remained just as confused and referred to B.2 as "Kumai". Forgotten Transformation! Optimus Has Become a Decepticon Introduced to junior Decepticon Arms Micron, Ida, B.2 found her voice and personality adorable and helped her form the Black Widow Claw. C.L. had to keep reminding him that his crush was kinda weird, Ida being a spider. Hopeful Transformation! Aim for Planet Cybertron His memories restored, O.P. tried to trick B.2 and the others into thinking he was still amnesiac for a candid camera segment, but they saw through his prank and tricked him back by pretending not to care. Activated Transformation! The Key to Vector Sigma When Bumblebee lost his ability to transform, he could also not deploy B.2, who was stuck inside his arm. Bored, he called up O.P. and R.A. and asked them to cut open Bumblebee's arm for him, but they wisely refused. Unable to Transform!? SOS Bumblebee Once he was freed, the Microns held a weapon-linking contest to celebrate, though B.2 left midway through after Raf called him to hang out. Brave Transformation! The Surgeon's Decision

B.2 was in a classroom with some other Microns when Zamu announced that he had to leave them, making everyone gloomy until Gra quite literally brightened them up. Turbulent Transformation! Insect Battle He later played weapon-link rock-paper-scissors with R.A., Arc, and B.H., combining with R.A. into a scissor shape but losing because Arc cheated. When she refused to acknowledge this, B.2 got mad and left to play with Tokyo Girls' Style in From the Cybertron Satellite, Transformers Division instead. Mission Transformation! Fowler's Investigation Files Wanting to be as strong as R.A.'s "Shining" form, B.2 and O.P. asked him to achieve such power and were told to think pure thoughts. B.2 did so by repeating the word "pure" to himself, transforming into Pure Energon B.2 and combining with the others into the Pure Energon Super Star Saber... then admitted he didn't actually know what "pure" means. Thunder God Transformation! Rebellion of the Battleship Nemesis B.2 later came with a bunch of Microns to the Arms Micron-style Weapon Link Dojo to learn the true meaning of combining, which resulted in becoming part of the Samurai Sword Mode. Recovery Transformation! Battle in the Metropolis Underground

With the year coming to an end, B.2 and O.P. asked Wuji to make them a mobile base with which to defeat the Decepticons next year, though B.2's request to make it the size of Mount Fuji made him refuse. Freezing Transformation! Obtain the Invincible Body! As B.2 R, he formed part of the Advanced Star Saber during a new year's battle with the Gravity Planet Bowgun. Sonic Transformation! Ratchet's Recipe During a snowy day, B.2 used his gun mode to pelt his friends with snowballs. Revenge Transformation! The Brave Chase He and some other Microns later asked Shining R.A. to show them the Matrix Saber again. Flash Transformation! Unleashed! The Legendary Sword During an Arms Micron reenactment of The Crab and the Monkey, B.2 played the bee, naturally. The story ended a bit different when he combined with his allies into a banana cannon and blasted the monkey off his tree. Combustible Transformation! Struggle over the Omega Key

B.2 came in sixth place in an Arms Micron popularity contest. Sky Dance Transformation! The Suicidal Skydive When the time came for their show to end, B.2 lamented that he didn't want to say goodbye to the viewers, and R.A. comforted him by saying they might return in a sequel. He then joined the rest of the Arms Microns in waving goodbye to the audience. Ultimate Transformation! Fight! Transformers


  • B.2 bucked the original naming convention for pack-in Autobot Arms Microns slightly; all of the others in the initial wave were named after the first two English letters of their larger partner's names. "B.2" seems to be a bit of a joke on "BB" (two B's, get it?). As time went on, though, Autobot Micron naming got more and more obtuse, to the point where "B.2" actually made more sense than many others.
  • B.2 is the only Arms Micron in Arms Micron Theater who doesn't have the same voice actor as his larger partner, for obvious reasons. He instead shares a voice actor with Raf... for also obvious reasons.
  • B.2's eyes change colors from blue to green in between Arms Micron Theater episode 21 and 22, remaining green for the rest of the show.
  • The B.2 toy was commonly used in TakaraTomy product solicitation images as a stand-in for other Arms Microns whenever imagery of the real ones weren't available.
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