B'Boom is a militaristic and fierce fighter. Unfortunately, he is prone to wild fits of over-energized rage. He's a clever and skilled fighter in combat though, and a dedicated Maximal, so his allies tend to ignore his bad attitude and occasional tantrum.

His most lethal mode is his battle platform. His favorite weapon is the missile launcher hidden in his beast mode mouth. These pulse missiles harm his opponents but not the valuable wilderness.

French name (Canada): Baboum
Italian name: Mandrillo


3H Tales of the Beast Wars comics


It's the ciiiiiiiiiiiiircle of death...

During the final battle with Shokaract, several realities converged into a single, apocalyptic timestorm. Beast Warriors from alternate realities emerged, including B'Boom, Drill Bit, Transquito, Air Hammer, Cybershark, Polar Claw and unidentified others, though all of them were summarily defeated. Terminus

IDW Beast Wars comics

B'Boom was one of the protoforms to be protected by Razorbeast's viral code, allowing him to remain a Maximal. He joined up with Razorbeast fairly early but was easily the most suspicious of Razorbeast and his motives due to the fact he had no evidence to back up his claim and he screamed Predacon to his sensor net. In the fight to get the Transwarp Amplifier from Ravage's downed Transwarp Cruiser B'Boom was thrashed by Magmatron but had to make do without a CR chamber. The Gathering issue 2


Beast Wars

BW BBoom toy

He'll drill YOU, man.

  • B'Boom (Mega, 1997)
    • Accessories: Launcher rifle, 2 missiles
B'Boom transforms into a metallic-blue mandrill. His beast mode face has spring-activated features, with a revealed spring-loaded missile launcher in his mouth. This launcher becomes a hand-held weapon in robot mode. He has a third "artillery station" mode that a Basic-sized toy can "pilot", with pull-out (non-firing) blaster cannons.
This toy was released in Japan as Apache.


  • Surprisingly both B'Boom and Apache make separate appearances in the Gathering and Ascending series. The only real difference between them is the fact that Apache has a Mohawk.

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