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   Appears: Fan club stories beginning in 2008
Axiom Nexus is a city in the Transtech continuity.

A city "unlike any other in the multiverse," provided Alex Milne doesn't do any other cityscapes.

In one of the oldest dimensions in the multiverse, one Cybertronian city, Axiom Nexus, is a hub for travelers from other dimensions. According to New Arrivals Coordinator Silverbolt, it is a city "unlike any other in the multiverse." To continue its harmony, all Megatrons, Optimuses, and MacGuffins are considered illegal. Bee in the City

Some travelers arrive here by their own design. Others, however, arrive by accident, and must be processed and given identification bolts.


Fan Club Transcendent comics

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The Caretaker, a supercomputer created by Vector Sigma, sent Breakaway, Landquake, and Skyfall across dimensions to where a fourth member of their group was located. This destination was Axiom Nexus, where the trio were greeted by Silverbolt and Security Administration Officer Cheetor. While trio got an explanation of their location in the multiverse, they were escorted into a commons area to be "processed". There, they met Alpha Trion, who began to introduce them to the outworlder culture of Axiom Nexus—but even as he guided them through their new digs, they were stalked and attacked by unknown assailants. Meanwhile, Jackpot and Hubcap ran from police. Transcendent: Part 1


The idea of a multiversal nexus is very reminiscent of the city of Sigil, from the Dungeons & Dragons world known as Planescape. Like Axiom Nexus, Sigil is the hub of the multiverse, where travellers from anywhere and everywhere can converge and meet peacefully. Just as Axiom Nexus bans all Optimuses, Megatrons, MacGuffins, and basically powerful individuals; Sigil bans all gods and deities from its hub.

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