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Template:NoVisuals Axer was one of the first Decepticons. His bounty hunting and "enhanced" interrogation techniques were useful to the Decepticons during the war... or at least they would have been if he was there. After an ill-fated prospecting mission on the day the war began, he ended up on Junkion as a trader. Despite his new role and identity, Axer stays the same person with the same ideals, and those are mainly saying anything and betraying anyone in order to survive.


Transformers: Exiles

Axer was one of the finest bounty hunters on Cybertron. When Megatron first started the Decepticon movement, Axer was one of the first to join. The day Orion Pax was named Prime, he went on a prospecting mission to the wrecks by the Space Bridges in hopes of finding resources whose value would skyrocket in the war. Despite being warned to stay away from glowing ships, he went to one and unknowingly unleashed latent Space Bridge energy and teleported himself to Junkion, where he carved himself a niche as a trader and kept his position there until the fateful day the Autobots arrived. When they did come, Wreck-Gar asked Axer to follow "Hound", and he ended up conversing with the saboteur.

The saboteur would later betray Axer by telling Prowl of Axer's origin, although Axer would later get back at him by revealing to Prowl during his interrogation that Makeshift was the saboteur. When Megatron and Starscream arrived on Junkion, Axer was coerced into telling them the location of the Requiem Blaster, all the while plotting to obtain the blaster for himself. Later, Axer would travel to Junkion's center to obtain the Requiem Blaster before Megatron, only to discover that it was too massive for him to use. The Decepticon leader soon had the Nemesis' tractor beam locked on it and retrieved it for himself. Without the Requiem Blaster holding it together, Junkion started to tear apart and Axer injured his leg while Makeshift was released from his prison. Makeshift, unwilling to help Axer, left the ex-bounty hunter and would later sell him out to the Star Seekers. To avoid being killed by Thundertron, Axer feigned hatred for Cybertronians and was able to get accepted into the crew.

Transformers: Retribution

Axer later left the Tidal Wave during a battle between its crew and that of the Nemesis, aiding Wreck-Gar in doing so in order to get his help in determining where Optimus Prime and the Autobot had gone. However, Megatron proved less than welcoming, and had Axer tortured to insure that he told them everything he knew.


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