This article is about the Autobot ship from Unicron Trilogy continuity family. For the Maximal ship from Beast Wars, see Axalon.

Phallic object that went through a dark hole. Uh huh.

The Axalon was the Autobot starship initially commanded by Hot Shot and later Optimus Prime during the Unicron Battles. She was constructed on Earth as a means of returning home to Cybertron before the Decepticons did.

During the war against Unicron, she served as both the Autobot and Allied Transformer flagship.


Cartoon continuity


The Autobot Axalon was completed shortly after Optimus Prime's death at the hands of the Hydra Cannon, and as Hot Shot was left in charge of the Autobots, he eventually assumed command. Launch did not go smoothly, however, as the Mini-Cons refused to allow the Autobots to launch the ship without bringing the kids along. After that was sorted out, the Axalon was launched from an underwater drydock that was flooded to allow the ship to fly out of the lake near their base. Depart

"We are taking the Queen to Coruscant."

Shortly after the launch, a depressed Megatron ordered his starship to be turned around so he could destroy the Autobots within the asteroid belt. This led the Mini-Cons to man the Axalon's point defense laser turrets and call upon the remaining Mini-Cons within the solar system to enter the Matrix and resurrect Optimus Prime and create the new Transformer, Overload, who quickly defeated Megatron, sending the Decepticons into retreat. Megatron, however, was quite pleased that his old enemy had returned. Miracle.


The Autobot flagship has been turned into a bus.

The Axalon served as transport for the human delegation sent from Earth to Cybertron. Among the passengers were the Autobots' old friends Rad White, Carlos Lopez and Alexis, as well as human energon researcher Dr. Brian Jones and his son, Kicker Jones. Cybertron City

She was later replaced as Autobot flagship by the Miranda II, and was destroyed along with another transport ship by an energon tower during the Powerlinx Battles. Ambition

Known crew and specifications

The original crew of the Axalon included:

  • Optimus Prime/Hot Shot - Captain/Commanding Officer
  • Jetfire - First Officer
  • Red Alert - Engineer and Second Officer
  • Blurr - Helmsman
  • Side Swipe - Navigation and Sensors
  • Hoist - Whiner

You can't fire that thing in here!

The Axalon's propulsion system is significantly faster than the one onboard Megatron's flagship, as (according to Thrust) she was equipped with Mark-2600 Warp Engines. For defense, she is armed with dual-barrel laser cannon turrets that can be manually fired by Mini-Con crew members.

Two ventrally-mounted launch tubes fire shuttle pods that personnel can use for evacuation or reconnaissance missions.

Although she is not the largest ship in the Autobot fleet, her interiors are designed to provide comfortable and ample living spaces for Transformers, Mini-Cons and humans. Upon the stern is a large windowed observation deck.

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