The Away Team is a subgroup from Team Bumblebee and the team was created by Bumblebee.

Transformers Robots in Disguise


Season 2

In Overloaded, Part 1, Bumblebee formed the "away team" that consisted with Drift, Slipstream, Jetstorm, and Windblade to hunt for Decepticons in far out land areas. Sideswipe opted to join them and Optimus Prime insisted to Bumblebee on leading the "away team" himself. Their first mission was to capture Polarclaw in the Arctic circle. However, things became complicated for the team as they had to deal with an injured Optimus Prime (who was recently drained of his given power by the Primes by Micronus). As they attempted to go up a mountain to get to Polarclaw, the Decepticon began to throw chunks of ice on them which knocked Optimus over when he attempted to provide his team cover. Windblade distracts Polarclaw while Drift's Mini-Cons used themselves as platforms for Optimus to stand on but their efforts began to make the mountain crack.

In Overloaded, Part 2, the team worked on getting Optimus back on the mountain and they were successful. After surviving an avalanche and thanking Windblade for her efforts in slowing down the avalanche, Optimus contacts Fixit who informed him about Polarclaw. Sideswipe notes that they would not be able to capture Polarclaw if he sees them, though Optimus takes them to a nearby human base where he demonstrated the ability to scan another vehicle mode and take on its color scheme. The team were very astonished by their new polar camouflage color scheme before heading to Polarclaw's cave. They successfully outwit the Decepticon and made their way into his cave. However, Sideswipe's impatient move and squeaky wheels alerts Polarclaw to escape. They chased the Decepticon who attempted to drive in his vehicle mode. Sideswipe accidentally slips and caused the whole team to fall at the bottom of the water where they were starting to feel the cold compromising their systems. Optimus came up with a plan that involved Windblade to get Polarclaw into the water while they deal with the rest. Windblade successfully does and as Sideswipe sinks the Decepticon, he notes that Polarclaw can't use his sonic roar underwater. Polarclaw is surrounded by Drift, Optimus, and Sideswipe which he saw the opportunity to fight but his combat skills were compromised by the temperature, thus leaving Optimus to punch him unconscious. The team picked up their captive and started to head towards one of Windblade's caches to store Polarclaw.

In Cover Me, the team searched for a Decepticon in the dessert. During the mission, Sideswipe annoyed everyone with his constant conversation which apparently he couldn't last more than five seconds in staying quiet as Windblade has hoped he would. Windblade also grew very protective over Optimus even after two Decepticon Mini-Cons Glacius and Swelter attacked Optimus. Though Jetstorm and Slipstream attempted to fight the pair, they were bested by them until they were backed up by the bigger Autobots and Optimus, which evoked Glacius and Swelter to disappear in a flash of light then the team proceeded on with their mission. Later, the team split up in pairs where Windblade teamed with Optimus and Sideswipe went with Drift and his Mini-Cons. The team (Optimus, Drift, Slipstream, and Jetstorm) witnessed as Windblade was saved by Sideswipe from falling off a huge waterfall. They continued on further where they soon came to an abandoned military place. They split up again, this time Windblade persuades Optimus to let her accompany outside of the hangar with him while Drift was paired with Sideswipe to explore inside of the hangar. Glacius and Swelter attacked them as they cocooned them both in metal. Optimus and Windblade heard their comrades' yell (mostly Sideswipe's yell) but were confronted by Razorpaw. Windblade believed he was after Optimus as she tried to get Optimus away from the area but Razorpaw revealed he was after her as she was the weakest member. Razorpaw had the upper hand as he fought Windblade while Optimus was distracted by Glacius and Swelter. Upon seeing Razorpaw draining Windblade of her energon, Optimus feigned an injury to lure Razorpaw away from Windblade. It proved success as Razorpaw came to Optimus only to get into an argument with his Mini-Cons, mainly with Swelter. Optimus sees this advantage to take them out which he got into a short scuffle with Razorpaw then knocked him out and smashed two military vehicles into the Mini-Cons, thus rendering them all out. Optimus helps Windblade up as he revealed to her his tactics and as they both informed of their loyalty to protect each other, they attend to help their friends out of their cocoon. Drift stated being trapped has finally prevented Sideswipe from speaking and told them to take their time. Sideswipe remains covered over his face as Optimus and Windblade attempts to get them out.



  • The Stealth Team seems to have a similar concept to the "away team".


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