Autroopers are Earth Defense Command-aligned robots in the Kiss Players portion of the Generation One continuity family.

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Autroopers are a group of human-created artificial Transformers that serve the Earth Defense Command. 48 Autroopers are known to exist in the Tokyo Autrooper Team, divided into 12 squads, each named after one of the signs of the Chinese Zodiac.

Autroopers are physically identical to one another apart from their squad markings. They are armed with rifles that fire Kremzeek bullets and can convert into the alternate mode of a police-style Mazda RX-8.

Each Autrooper is assigned a Kiss Player partner by the E.D.C. These young women serve a very important purpose. In times of crisis, a Kiss Player will kiss her Autrooper, activating a power that lets her merge with the much larger robot, bestowing upon it enhanced combat and regenerative abilities. If the merge's time limit expires, the Kiss Player is disgorged from her partner unconscious, naked and covered in viscous fluid. It is so far unknown what a voluntary separation entails.

Autroopers are often dispatched to the scene of Transformers-related incidents. This usually brings them into conflict with Legion attackers, but they also sometimes find themselves battling or pursuing anti-E.D.C. resistance fighters such as Optimus Prime, Hot Rodimus, and their human partners.

Autroopers have an as-yet undisclosed connection to the same ParasiTech fusion process that Legion units use. One Autrooper partially fused with the corpse of Optimus Prime before Marissa Faireborn interceded. This fusion caused the resurrected Prime to suffer nightmares of his old enemy Megatron, suggesting a link between the Autroopers and the Galvatron-derived Legion army. This link would eventually bear fruit as the Autroopers went rogue and merged to reconstitute Galvatron's body.

Note: The name "Autrooper" is a pun on the English words "auto" and "trooper". The name has been officially rendered in English as both "Autorooper" and "Autolooper". The spelling used here is the closest transliteration that keeps the spirit of the pun intact.


Kiss Players


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One particular Autrooper is designated "Ne-04", the 4th Autrooper of Ne squad. Ne-04 is initially partnered with Shaoshao Li, acclaimed as the most powerful Kiss Player in the E.D.C. Shao is said to be able to enhance her Autrooper to levels far beyond those of her fellow squad members.

During an encounter with a hostile Legion, the Ne-04 Autrooper was badly damaged. With Shao unconscious and unable to re-merge, the Autrooper turned to the nearby Atari Hitotonari and demanded that she kiss him. The frightened girl complied and the two together were able to defeat their opponent. During the battle, the merged Atari took on a more violent and bloodthirsty personality.

When it was discovered that Atari was an even more powerful Kiss Player than Shao, Ne-04 was reassigned to her, and Shao left the E.D.C. to pursue resistance activities with her new partner, Hot Rod. Atari has noted that while the giant robot initially behaved in an intimidating manner toward her, she has since found it to have a warmer personality. The Ne-04 Autrooper's compassion for Atari extends to giving her backrubs when she becomes carsick riding in it, a frequent occurrence.

Atari's Autrooper appears to have a slightly mischievous personality, as when it was inexplicably shrunken to palm size following a kiss, it sneaked inside Atari's shirt while she was distracted thinking about desserts. Extremely passive on her best days, Atari exhaustedly capitulated to the tiny robot's advances.


"Are you sure you're really a doctor?"

But this would not be the Ne-04 Autrooper's only experience with shrinking...for soon, Atari would discover that she had a Legion inside her stomach! Instructing Atari to kiss it, the Autrooper shrunk to a diminutive size, promptly forcing itself into Atari's mouth and making her swallow. As it plunged into her wet passage, it noted how warm it was inside her, while Atari pleaded for it not to move around inside her too roughly.


The Autrooper engaged, defeated and destroyed the Legion, but lacked the power to climb back out. Unfortunately, when it ran out of power entirely, it would return to normal size inside the panicked Atari. Claiming that it would escape via Transwarp, the Autrooper instead talked Atari into sticking her finger down her throat and vomiting it up. She proceeded to berate the robot for its trickery.


Kiss Players

Atari X Autorooper

Autotrooper, now with wife-beating action!

  • Atari X Autorooper
The first Autrooper toy was a very small, simplified version of the Alternators Mazda RX-8 mold that comes with a large PVC figurine of Atari.
  • Autorooper X Atari
A 1/24th-scale Autrooper toy was released in December 2006. It is a retool and redeco of the Mazda RX-8 mold, with a new head, police lightbar, and on the grill police lights and a Imperial chrysanthemum emblem. A small Atari and Kremzeek figurines are included as well. The set also includes a weapon formed from traffic cones (four are included), a sticker sheet (with options for different EDC unit designations or standard police markings) and an audio drama CD.
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