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Autostinger is a Predacon Autoroller from the Beast Wars II portion of the Beast Era continuity family.

It's gonna be clamp this, clamp that. Bada-climp, bada-clamp!

The leader of the Autorollers, Autostinger follows Galvatron loyally because the Predacon leader saved him from execution long ago. A former mercenary of great renown across the cosmos, Autostinger is professional in every sense.


Beast Wars II cartoon

Voice actor: Tadashi Miyazawa (Japan)
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Beast Wars II manga


Beast Wars II

  • Autostinger (Autoroller, 1998)
    • Japanese ID number: D-17
    • Accessories: 4 missiles
A redeco of Generation 2 Dirtbag, Autostinger transforms into a dump truck. He has a twin spring-loaded missile launcher in his right arm, and a clamping "stun gun" claw on the left. He has an auto-transforming gimmick activated by rolling his rear wheels; roll forward to go to robot mode, and back to dump truck. A switch on his back end separates the gears of the gimmick, allowing him to roll freely in either mode.
This mold was also intended to be used for "General Optimus Prime" in Generation 2, but that release was canceled.
  • Bigmos vs Autostnger (Multi-pack, 1998)
Japanese ID number: VS-17
Autostinger was also made available in a giftset with the Maximal Insectron Bigmos.


  • All of the Beast Wars II Autorollers have 2-D card art, rather than the CGI model art made for the entire rest of the line.

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