This article is about the Beast Wars II Predacon subgroup. For Generation 2 subgroup, see Auto Roller.

The Autorollers are a Predacon subgroup and sometimes faction from the Beast Wars II portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The Autorollers are seasoned veterans of the Predacon army, having spent years honing their skills on the battlefield. They have teamed with Galvatron, the Emperor of Destruction, to defeat the Maximals on Gaea and retrieve the Angolmois energy.

The Autorollers consist of:


Beast Wars II and Neo cartoons

Megastorm reformatted the Autorollers from four blank protoforms to boldly go forth and do fun Predacon things like burning trees and shooting up forest creatures. Public urination, however, was reserved for the opposition.

Even before adopting their vehicular forms (culled from ancient Gaea records), Megastorm referred to the protoforms as Autorollers.

Beast Wars II comic

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