Autonomous Defense Turrets are stationary weapons used to destroy Vehicons en-masse. They came in a wide variety, each of which can be upgraded to increase their range and/or their firepower. Most Defense Turrets are associated with certain Autobots, and as such can only be summoned through the GroundBridge by said Autobot.


Transformers: Prime: Terrorcon Defense

Ratchet devised a way to transport Autonomous Defense Turrets through the GroundBridge, and supplied them to his fellow Autobots in the field as they needed them... provided they had sufficient Energon to power the summon, of course. Every Autobot was capable of summoning "Cannon Turrets," the most basic version of these weapons. Though they were relatively cheap to summon and upgrade, Energon-wise, they had limited range and firepower. They could target both ground-bsed and flying units. Bumblebee, Arcee, and Optimus Prime could also each summon two specialized kinds of turrets to the battlefield, one of which was "medium-costed" to summon or upgrade, and another which was "high-costed" to summon or upgrade:

  • Bumblebee:
    • Corrosion Turrets: fired prolonged laser beams that concentrated on one enemy unit at a time, until it was either destroyed or out of range.
    • Energy Beam Turrets: fired a sort of "chain-lightning"

effect that would jump from one enemy unit to another, so long as they were in close proximity to one another, damaging each unit in the chain.

  • Arcee:
    • Anti Air Turrets: specialized in attacking aerial enemy units.
    • Sniper Turrets: possessed the longest range of all turrets.
  • Optimus Prime:
    • Freeze Turrets: fired energy blasts that would slow down its targets.
    • Missile Turrets: had little range but dealt the most damage to enemy units out of all the turrets.
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