Automorph Technology, a localized semi-automatic transformation, was the primary gimmick of the 2007 movie toyline. It is frequently shortened by fans to automorph.

The term was coined by Natasha Vita-More to mean "the self-sculpting of physiological and cognitive aspects of personal identity and one's alternative selves" and is used by Hasbro to describe the mechanics of Transformer toys that attempt to recreate that visual style of the film's transformations within the limited framework of an action figure. Using gears and other mechanisms, Automorph Technology moves multiple pieces of the toy when a single piece is moved. For example, the Voyager-sized Ratchet toy's kneepads rotate forward as his feet are pulled out.

While the automorphing term originated with the Movie toyline, many toys have previously had similar features, such as Energon Skyblast's head rotating to face the front when his chestpiece is turned right-side up, or the way Cybertron Override featured several interconnected spring-loaded mechanisms that execute about half the transformation automatically.

Most of the "main" Movie line Transformers figures have at least one automorphing feature. Leader class figures feature more automorph parts than the Deluxe and Voyager figures, and the only ones lacking them are the Legends class, Deluxe Scorponok, Deluxe Barricade, and Deluxe Protoform Optimus Prime. Leader class Optimus Prime features three automorphing gimmicks (four if you count the legs separately).

The only drawback to Automorph Technology is the fact that on certain toys it is very easy to break the delicate gears and mechanisms, by applying the tiniest bit of pressure on the wrong part of the toy at the wrong time: this will strip the teeth from the transparent plastic gears, rendering the automorph gimmick inoperable. On other toys the gears may slip out of alignment and make it impossible to properly transform the toy.

Automorphing has now been integrated into subsequent Transformers toylines, including Hasbro's Transformers Animated and 2008 Universe lines, as well as TakaraTomy's Alternity toyline.

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