Autobot nurses are Autobots in the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Autobot nurses are part of the Autobot Medical Corps, active largely during the Energon War and the Powerlinx Battles.

"One Autobot nurse to Bulkhead"
―"Deception Army"[[Please sir, you're scaring the other patients. Now act your age!| [src]]]


Energon cartoon

Actor(s): ??? (U.S.), ??? (Japan)

Several nurses were stationed at an Autobot hospital where Bulkhead, Downshift and Prowl were only three of the patients. However, they and the medics were forced to defend themselves when Decepticon and Terrorcon forces attacked the hospital. Fortunately, Team Ironhide arrived, turning the tide of the battle and destroying the enemies. The nurses were grateful to be rescued, but less than thrilled when Bulkhead grabbed one of their asses to show he still had his springtime of youth vigor. Deception Army


Hospital defence

I could make a M*A*S*H joke here, but I won't.

  • Like many other Energon show-generics, the nurse model is made up of parts from the models of toy-characters. The head, torso and legs are tweaked versions of Arcee (mainly removing the motorcycle kibble), the shoulderpads come from Shockblast (his right shoulderpad, specifically, mirrored to provide the left-side one), while the biceps and half the forearms come from Landmine.
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