The Autobot Shuttle Omega Delta is a starship in the Beast Era.

The Omega Delta is a shuttlecraft stored within the Ark. Unlike the typical Autobot shuttle design, it has a prominent windscreen and a single-sectioned body design. It has no transwarp cells of its own, though it is compatible with their use. It has a flight data recorder that can store the memories of each of its passengers. There is no record of its presence in history logs available to Maximals, but the schematics of the Ark stored within the Nemesis indicate its location.


Beast Wars

Dinobot 2 sent the emergency schematics to the Maximals, who used them to locate the Omega Delta. Rhinox was then able to ram the smaller craft completely through the bridge of the Nemesis, incapacitating Megatron and causing the immense Decepticon flagship to lose control and crash. Curiously this impact caused no discernible damage to the Omega Delta at all, and after it was equipped with a transwarp cell of Predacon origin it was able to transport the Maximals back to Cybertron, as well as Megatron who was fastened not-so-securely onto the roof. Nemesis Part 2

Beast Machines

The Omega Delta was shot down by Cybertron's automated defense system, then stored in a hangar. Blackarachnia and Rattrap located it, and Blackarachnia successfully downloaded her own stored memories from the flight recorder. But before she could download information about the flight itself, Megatron accessed her core processor through the network and tried to ascertain the location of the Maximal base. To break the mental connection, Blackarachnia punched the Omega Delta's command console, overloading the fuel core and causing the ship to explode. Fires of the Past


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