Autobot Base

I guess no one will notice a building on top of a giant rock. Hopefully.

The Autobot Outpost Omega One was the Autobots' first hidden base on Earth, located inside a mountain in Nevada. It served as "Autobot Central Command". It was eventually destroyed by the Nemesis in Darkest Hour. Smokescreen went back to search for Ratchet's medical kit for Optimus's injuries, to no avail. Later when Optimus recovers in his new body and everyone on Team Prime reunites in their new base, Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack went back to the old base to recover some things. They didn't find anything useful, except for the Wrecker ball that Wheeljack and Bulkhead use to play with. 

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

800px-HistoryLesson Omega One

In History Lessons, the scavengers Paralon and Buzzstrike paid Omega One a visit, intending to use a bomb to break into the lower levels where some artifacts were still being stored. Coincidentally Bumblebee and his team also paid a visit to the location, as part of a tour Bumblebee had insisted they needed to do. After encountering the remnants of the base's defense system, the Autobots split up, leading Bumblebee, Sideswipe and Drift to run into Paralon and Buzzstrike. The two scavengers managed to find an old weapon, however Sideswipe recalled Bumblebee mentioning the many hiding places in the base, and was able to get the drop on the pair long enough to retrieve the weapon. Meanwhile, Bumblebee used the base's defense system to prevent the bomb's blast from doing too much damage. Though Paralon and his companion got away, the Autobots saved what was left of the base, and as a bonus, Sideswipe found an old exercise video Bumblebee had made.

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