The Autobot Orbital Command Hub is an Autobot-manned spacestation in the Generation One continuity family.

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The Autobot Orbital Command Hub is the central base of Autobot operations in their galactic war against the Decepticons. A massive space station, it orbits the planet Opulus.[1]

It is on the Hub that Autobots unassigned to warfront planets are stationed, waiting on-hand in the event that they'll be needed. From these Autobots a crew can be assembled quickly to man one of the Arks.


IDW comics continuity

A priority pulsewave from Earth reached Optimus Prime on the Hub Stormbringer, Part 1 just moments before a message buoy was received from the Calabi-Yau. He gathered Autobots from the Hub to crew the Ark-27 and left for Cybertron. Stormbringer, Part 2

With Prime on Earth, Silverbolt became Operational Commander. A salvaged Blaster, having been presumed dead, arrived at the Hub and carried out a galaxy-wide broadcast to Autobot forces in order to draw out his attempted assassin. Spotlight: Blaster


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