300px-WFC AutobotHighCouncil
The Autobot High Council leader made Optimus Prime the leader of the Autobots.
"The Council exists only to choose the Primes. It is the Primes' directive to lead and protect."
―The High Council leader to Optimus [src]


Transformers: War for Cybertron 

Optimus brought Zeta's body to the Autobot High Council and begged their guidance in these desperate times. The leader of the Council stated that they existed only to choose Primes, and that it was the Primes who led the Autobots. When Optimus responded that there were no Primes remaining, the Council leader asked if Optimus would still reject his true calling. The Council leader said that for too long they have watched the Primes fail in their lofty positions, but Optimus was one leader whose wisdom and courage transformed the lives of those around him. Charging him with the mission to remove the infection of Dark Energon from Cybertron's core, the council leader bestowed leadership of the Autobots onto Optimus, a burden and responsibility he accepted. The council declared that Optimus was now Optimus Prime, the last Prime. 


  • The Council leader uses Sentinel Zeta Prime's character model and only appears once in one of the level outros, in shadow and left unnamed.
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