The Autobot High Council is the ruling body of the Autobots on Cybertron. They exist only to choose the Primes and are responsible for choosing the one worthy of becoming a Prime.


The High Council formed under the rule of Sentinel Zeta Prime as the primary governing body on Cybertron. It was composed of thirteen individuals with the ruling Prime at its head.

During the Golden Age of Cybertron, Megatron explained his ideas to the Council about using violence as a means of achieving justice. They were displeased by his words before Orion Pax spoke up on his views of achieving justice. The sparks and minds of the council were moved by Orion's words. Acting off of earlier advice given to them by Alpha Trion they made him a Prime as a result of his speech. In rage, Megatron murdered Halogen and declared open war on Cybertron. Contrail, Ratbat and Drivetrain were the only known survivors of the council and all defected to the Decepticons. When he was awoken, Omega Supreme was dismayed to learn the state of the High Council.

Transformers: Prime

As revealed in One Shall Rise, Part 3, Megatron came before the council, allegedly to call for justice. He arrogantly threatened to remove the old guard by force and demanded to be the next Prime. In contrast, the young Orion Pax was able to move the council with his words and reason; they chose Orion as someone who may one day be Prime, causing Megatron to cut off ties and turn to violence.

In New Recruit, Smokescreen mentioned that Alpha Trion requested Halogen and the High Council to make Orion Pax a Prime.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

After the war, a new Council was formed to rule the planet. The new Cybertronian council blamed Optimus Prime and his team for the planet's destruction. Ratchet attempted to speak to the council on this matter but the Council assigned Ratchet the job of hunting down any remaining war criminals. Knowing that this was effectively a banishment and knowing that protesting would only land him in prison, Ratchet reluctantly accepted.

Jazz answered the Council when they reported to him on Bumblebee's illegal usage of a Space Bridge which prompted them to place a bounty on him. Drift and Fracture both attempted to claim the reward but Drift didn't collect the bounty and Fracture was not able to capture Bumblebee.

Upon the complete capture of the Alchemor prisoners, Optimus Prime went with the former enslaved Mini-Cons, Ratchet, and Windblade to Cyberton on the prison ship to confront the new Council about its methods in the ending of Decepticon Island (Part 2).

Notable Members

War for Cybertron

Covenant of Primus

Robots in Disguise

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