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The Autobot Grand Prix is a small, imprompteau massive, elaborately planned event held on Circuit Planet.

The first Grand Prix was secretly arranged by Rodimus as a way to allow the Autobot forces defending Alpha Q's planets to blow off some steam and relax. thousands of Autobots skived off work early and surreptitiously made their way to Circuit Planet to see the event live, many more watched it as it was broadcast across the universe. The Autobots were left functioning with a skeleton crew keeping a wary eye against Decepticon action.

The course consists of a single circuit of Circuit Planet along a single predetermined route through its crisscrossing roads. Natural hazards include sharp turns, low visibility and jumps to be completed. These may be supplemented by bombardment and personal challenge to duel your commander..

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The first race was emceeded by Sally Jones and Skyblast. The winner was Arcee and Misha Miramond.

Japanese name: Cybertron Primus High Grand Prix

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