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FFOD5 Autobot City

The City of Townsville, a-- whoops, wrong show

Autobot City (also known as Autobot City: Earth) is a city established on Earth in some Generation One continuities. As well as being outfitted so that a large number of Autobots can live and work in comfort, the city can transform into a fortress as shields engage and weapons appear all over it. The transformation needs to be triggered by a series of bulky manual operations.

It first appeared in The Transformers: The Movie. Generally, it is linked to Metroplex in some way. A few pieces of fiction use the two names interchangeably.

Autobot City is nearly always being portrayed as under the command of Ultra Magnus.

Japanese name: Scramble City


American cartoon continuity[]

Madman Transformers comic[]

Madman comic Spike AutobotCity

"...and it's still costing less than the Big Dig".

By the year 2001, the Autobots' presence on Earth was sufficiently established that they began construction of their own high-tech, Transformer-scale city in North America. This work was carried out while the balance of the Autobot forces were engaged in an evacuation operation from the Decepticon-controlled Cybertron. The building site was also the location of a not-so-secret bunker where Optimus Prime stashed the Autobot Matrix of Leadership on the slim chance he should be captured or killed by the Decepticons during the exodus from Cybertron. Madman Transformers Comic

The Transformers cartoon[]

G1 Autobot City

All Your Base Are Belong to Metroplex!

The city was completed sometime before the year 2005 and took severe damage during a Decepticon attack in the same year. The city was repairable, though, and continued to operate for some time afterwards. The Transformers: The Movie

The internal computer was Teletraan II.

Metroplex transformed into a section of the city, being able to detach himself and become mobile when needed. The series usually showed white city-features for Metroplex's parts and gold for parts of the main city.

Japanese cartoon continuity[]

The Headmasters cartoon[]

Autobot City was still the Autobots' Earth-based stronghold, and seemed to be under the command of Ultra Magnus (as a nod to his original Tech specs title as "City commander"). Its main forces consisited mainly of Autobots who had been seen mostly during the first two seasons of the series (including those who died in the movie) and Metroplex. It also had several generic Autobot forces as well.

It was not seen as often as it was during the third season, mostly due to the Athenia Base and Battleship Maximus being used as the Autobots' primary headquarters, what with Cybertron's destruction and the lack of Decepticon activity on Earth.

Marvel comics continuity[]

Marvel UK Generation One comic[]

The plans for Autobot City: Earth were finalized in 2003. Both the Autobots and the governments of Earth had hands in its construction. Ark Duty It was completed and opened in 2004, likely on the same site that Galvatron had built a superweapon to destroy Unicron in 1986 Target: 2006 (putting it in or near Oregon). Despite interference from Shockwave, the city opened on schedule, and relations between Autobots and humans were strengthened. Aspects of Evil!

It was attacked by the Quintessons in 2008, leaving many Autobots severely wounded and the city in terrible shape. The Quintessons were only driven off when Hot Rod activated the Transformer that made up the city's sentient core, Metroplex. (According to the story, the city needed a Transformer within it to be able to transform itself.) Space Pirates! While successful, Metroplex's emergence only damaged the city further, and it was still in a state of disrepair the following year. Time Wars

In the revised timeline following the Time Wars, the Autobots fled there in 2009 to escape a Decepticon-dominated Cybertron. The Void! (UK) They had long since reclaimed the planet by 2356; then, Autobot City was providing medical care for a decrepit Rodimus Prime, who was possessed by Unicron. Aspects of Evil!

Dreamwave Comics continuity[]

Construction was begun on Autobot City in 2004, after Prowl and several other Autobots realized they still needed a presence there and did not feel fully at home on Cybertron. (Dreamwave went bankrupt before this story thread could be concluded.)


No toy of Autobot City itself was ever released, though Metroplex was billed as the "Autobot City" in packaging and promotion.