Autobot Academy is an organization in the Transformers Animated continuity family.

The Autobot Academy is an institution where Autobots are schooled in military tactics and combat. It trains its students to become officers, a significant number eventually being accepted into the Cybertronian Elite Guard. It has quite a reputation amongst Autobot graduates of less prestigious training programs such as Autobot boot camp.


Animated continuity

Optimus Prime revealed a wide range of combat maneuvers to his fellow Autobots during an accident on an asteroid. After they inquired where he learned these mad skills, Optimus stated that he trained at the Academy. When asked why he left, he maintained a stoic silence. Transform and Roll Out!

Elita-1 also attended the Academy, but her tour of duty was short-lived as her classmates, Optimus and Sentinel Prime, accidentally left her behind on a hostile planet. Apparently, the buddy system doesn't work well in the Academy. This experience led her to pursue other career choices. Along Came a Spider It was later implied that Sentinel let Optimus take the fall for this fiasco, resulting in his expulsion from the academy. The Return of the Headmaster

Unicron Trilogy continuity

Ironhide was a known graduate of the Autobot Academy.

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