This article is about the Generation 2 watch-Autobot. For the faction to which he belonged, see Autobot.

Autobot was an Autobot (surprise) from the Generation 2 era of the Generation One continuity family.

Autobot transforms from a robot to a time machine that resembles a human digital watch. It is unknown if he can travel through time while a robot or whether that ability is limited to the "watch" mode.

(Note: This toy is specifically given the name "Autobot" on his package in the same place and style as the other watch toys in the group, such as Scorpia. With no other bio in existence it remains this toy's only official name.)


Generation One

  • Autobot (Watch, 1993)
Autobot transforms from a chrome-silver boxy robot to a boxy functional digital watch that attached to a plastic wristband.


  • Autobot originated in the same Japanese Kronoform line as the majority of other Transformers watches, There he was called simply "Robot Time Machine." He has the distinction of being THE prototypical transforming watch toy of the 1980s with scores of knock-offs produced during that era.
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