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Autobase is the catchall term for the Autobots' home base of operations on Cybertron.


Cartoon continuity[]

Marvel Comics continuity[]

Events from the UK comics are in italics.

Optimus Prime and his team of Autobots were sent along in the Ark to destroy the giant meteors that threatened Cybertron's existence. The launch site they left from was the Autobase.

Vorns later, while many of the Autobots and Decepticons lay deactivated in Mount St. Hilary, Perceptor and Lord Straxus led their respective forces in the on-going war on Cybertron. Perceptor and his team of Autobots, including Blaster, fought from the Autobase. The Smelting Pool!

During the time of Unicron, Galvatron took Hook, Line, and Sinker and attacked the Autobase. The entire place burned under Galvatron's wrath, and Emirate Xaaron was made to flee, at the insistence of his fellow Autobots, through the catacombs, under the Autobase's floors, in pursuit of Primus' face. Surrender!

By 2007, or at least the 2007 of one timeline, there was access from the sewers below directly into the Autobase. Rodimus Prime used subtle markings on the sewer walls (large bright red letter As) to lure Death's Head there while the peacekeeping agent was chasing him. Headhunt

Dreamwave continuity[]

After the disappearance of Optimus Prime and Megatron, the Autobase was built under Vitrue's Forum. It held a war room with monitors watching all the other five factions, a repair bay where Ratchet could work his magic, and a prison level which the Autobots used to imprison Blitzwing. The entrance to the Autobase was guarded by laser-guided auto-turrets, which would only allow entrance once it confirmed that those entering held Autobot energy signatures. The War Within: The Dark Ages