This article is about the Autobot subgroup. For the Predacon subgroup, see Autoroller.

The Auto Rollers are a small group of Transformer toys that autotransform from vehicle to robot when pushed forward. Two were released late in the Generation 2 toyline: Dirtbag and Roadblock. Redecoes of both were planned, as "General Optimus Prime" and "Sergeant Hound", but were not released. It would appear that promotion in the Autobot army is hard on the leg articulation.

These two already-released molds, as well as two more Auto Rollers which had until then remained unused, were released in Japan for the Beast Wars II line. This awesome foursome included Autolauncher, Autojetter, Autostinger, and Autocrusher. Zounds! It seems they all share a common name element with the team name; how tricky. Gabba gabba hey, gabba gabba hey.

European market name: Excavators

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