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Go ahead and mock 80s clothing, but in twenty years, they'll be mocking what we wear.

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Tracks and Blaster uncover a hypnosis plot. A funky hypnosis plot.

  • Japanese title: "Broadcast VS Soundwave"

Detailed Synopsis


Just the usual Manhattan commuter crowd.

Raoul and his friends Poplock and Rocksteady are trying to make some spare cash, breakdancing on the sidewalks of New York City. Unfortunately, the management of the club Dancitron doesn't like competition, and sends a mob after them. Luckily, Tracks and Blaster are in the city, and comes to the trio's rescue.

Tracks realizes that something is wrong with the humans and investigates. Starscream and Soundwave are using the club to hypnotize humans so they can use them to construct a building for reasons that are not revealed.

Poplock and Rocksteady are hypnotized and lure Tracks into a trap at the club. Blaster and Raoul show up and free Tracks. During the fight Raoul discovers that water breaks the hypnosis. Tracks and the three humans chase Starscream in a dizzying aerial battle through the skyline of New York; Tracks eventually uses his smaller size to lure Starscream into damaging himself in the close quarters. Blaster squares off with Soundwave at the club in a sonic "battle of the boom boxes"; the two are nearly evenly matched, till Blaster uses the club's sound system to amplify his abilities and drive Soundwave off. Reuniting with Tracks, he uses the same trick to bring down the building the Decepticons were constructing.

Auto-Bop Blaster Soundwave

Soundwave and Blaster in a two-bot reenactment of You Got Served

Tracks offers grateful thanks to Raoul and his buddies for saving his life, saying that if there's anything he can do for them... and it turns out there is. The trio lost their radio in all the chaos, and until they earn enough street cash to get a new one, poor Blaster will make an ideal replacement.


Original Airdate: 13 November 1985

Written by: David Wise

Featured Characters

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Autobots Decepticons Humans Others



Notable Quotes

Club guy: (a pad of paper in hand) Hey, where did you get those threads? Soho?
Tracks: Cybertron. (walks away)
Club guy: (gets a pen) Hey! What's the address?

Blaster: Didn't spy anything unusual.
Tracks: A disco dolly dancing with a garbageman? A guy off the cover of GQ dancing with a housewife? You don't call that unusual?
Blaster: Hey, they like to let in weirdos. Gives the place atmosphere.

"Foo on this jive. My main machine's in trouble."

-- Raoul talkin' the 80s talk

"I've been waiting a long time for this, you poor excuse for a sound system."
"All shock."

-- Blaster and Soundwave, right as their sonic duel begins.


-- Soundwave, as he momentarily gets the upper hand in the sonic duel between himself and Blaster. This is one of the few times in the series that Soundwave is actually heard laughing, and coming from him in that quiet, metallic monotone of his, and in this context, it is actually kinda scary.

"Looks like your nightclub just went out of style."

-- Blaster to Soundwave, after he won the sonic duel.

"Now that is what I call a riveting experience."

--Tracks makes a terrible pun after being shot at by a guy with a rivet gun.

"Yo, the dude's gone crazy!"
"Yeah... crazy like a fox!"

-- Raoul and Tracks.

"He's bigger than me, but is he more agile?"

-- Tracks, while being chased by Starscream.

"Hey, Ease up, my man!"

-- Blaster

Other Notes

Animation and/or Technical Glitches

  • In this episode, Raoul's skin color is colored slightly lighter than his last appearance in Make Tracks.
  • When Soundwave is first seen, his mouthplate is gray.
  • Towards the end, when Tracks gets chased by Starscream, at one moment inside a building Ramjet is shown instead of Starscream.
  • When Starscream contacts Megatron, Megatron's insignia is red instead of purple.
  • When chasing after Starscream, Tracks flies through the wall instead of out of the hole he just made.
  • When Soundwave is ready to fight Blaster, the left part of Blaster is white instead of red.

Continuity errors

  • Continuity errors

Transformers references

  • References

Real-world references

  • When confronted by the gang of thugs employed by Dancitron, Raoul suggests they "pull a Michael Jackson" (bugWHA?) and "beat it" (*sigh of relief*).
  • While fleeing from the thugs, Raoul wishes their blaster (boom box) was "THE Blaster". Rocksteady retorts that Raoul "knows the Autobots like I know Prince".
  • When first meeting Blaster and Tracks, Rocksteady responds to Blaster's implication of trouble-making with "Hey! We were just breakin' in front of the Dancitron (shifts from two open palms and a shrug to one thumb extended pointing behind him) and these Road Warrior rejects tried to bounce us out."

Miscellaneous Trivia

  • It was never explained what the building (a.k.a. the Macguffin) is for.
  • While checking out Dancitron, a group of ladies approached Tracks and Blaster for a dance. Blaster happily accepted one, while Tracks refused another rather pointedly. It may be nothing but rumors do start from these kind of scenes.
  • When Tracks and Blaster enter Dancitron, the song playing is an instrumental version of the song performed by Cold Slither from the G.I. Joe episode of the same name.
  • This episode is also noteworthy for pitting the two tape decks, Soundwave and Blaster, against each other, in an intense sonic duel. It turns out that Soundwave is actually somewhat the more powerful of the two, and Blaster had to augment his output with some nearby additional speakers to best his opponent... the cheater...
  • On that note, it's worth mentioning that in past episodes, such as "Heavy Metal War", when Megatron cheated and amplified his powers with the other Decepticons', he was later punished in the episode via tumbling into a pool of lava. What punishment did Blaster receive for his little power enhancement? Nothing. Picking sides much, animators?


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