Australia is a nation-state on the planet Earth's Southern Hemisphere. The world's largest island, the majority of it seems to consist of semi-arid or desert regions known as the Outback. The majority of the fauna and flora is unique to the country, and all of it deadly to humans, most notably the infamous and murderous dropbears.

In some continuities at least, the Australian accent is supposedly very similar to that of the inhabitants of the planet Nebulon, or vice-versa.

Generation One

American cartoon continuity

After the initial Decepticon threat was repulsed, Spike Witwicky wrote in his journal that "all of the world's governments" were assisting the Autobots' attempts to return to Cybertron. This would presumably include Australia. More Than Meets the Eye, Part 3

Japanese cartoon continuity

Super-God Masterforce cartoon

The Decepticons built an underwater base off the coast of Australia, their construction efforts causing increased volcanic activity and earthquakes that damaged the city of Sydney, which then drew the attention of the Autobot Godmaster Lightfoot. While the Headmaster Juniors performed rescue operations in Sydney, Ginrai and Lightfoot fought against the threat of King Poseidon. Escape!! The Underwater Volcano Erupts

Unicron Trilogy

Dreamwave Energon comics continuity

The West Australian outback was the site of Alterenergy's 01 Source Exploratory Excavation/Drilling Operation, where both Dr. Brian Jones and his son Kicker worked. The mining drew both a group of protesters including Alexis, as well as a squad of Terrorcons searching for Energon. What Lies Beneath


The real world

  • At current exchange rates, Australians are charged some of the highest prices for Transformers products in the world.
  • Despite what the Super-God Masterforce cartoon suggests, there are no fault lines in Australia, making earthquakes impossible. Also the most recent continental volcanic eruption was nearly five thousand years ago.
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