Auntie is a disembodied head and a computer in the Generation One continuity family.

If Teletraan I was T-AI's dad, is Auntie her mom?

Auntie (or Aunty) is the visual AI interface for the Ark's computer systems. She's one crazy entity, since the crash fried her circuitry.

She does not run Bartertown.


Marvel Comics UK continuity

Auntie appeared as a disembodied head. When she was reactivated she captured and intended to kill the Autobots and Decepticons on board the Ark. However, she was defeated by the combined efforts of Windcharger and Ravage. Raiders of the Last Ark


Titanium Series

  • Autobot Starship Ark (2006)
One could put forth the case that Auntie's inside.


  • Most continuities use Teletraan I as the Ark's onboard computer. This only exacerbates Auntie's insanity.
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